Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29th

The ligh fixtures are all up

I hope this box isn't staying in the yard

Our big side yard

The fans are up, they're in the living room and master bedroom

The bathroom faucets are in

The tub faucet

The master bath tub

The backsplash is finished

Another backsplash shot

The formal dining fixture

The glass doors in the study

The entry way light fixture

The guest bath fixture

The fixture that's in all the other rooms

Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 22nd Progress

The granite is in! It's called Uba Tuba.

The under mount sink

Looking into the kitchen from the living room

Close up of the counter

Another view

The spare bath sink

The guest bath tub, it's real tile and not just a plastic piece

The fireplace is uncovered

One of the master bath sinks with the faux granite

The faux granite shower

The faux granite between the shower and tub

They're starting to level the yard

The front door is in, that's not the real color, it's going to be stained mahogany

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 19th Progress

We had the day off of work so we decided to go check the house out.

We have a driveway..we wanted to carve our names on it but it was already dry :(

Because our house is along one of the main streets, we have an extra wide sidewalk

This was taken from inside the study..those sqaures in the doors are glass but they're still covered from being painted

This was taken standing in the formal dining room looking toward the front door, that's the study on the left and a closet on the right

This is the tile that's in the bathrooms and laundry room

The fireplace is finished

The cabinets are finally uncovered and they have paint and dust all over them

This is the tile that is in the front entry, down the hallway, the formal dining, and the kitchen and eat-in looks lighter because it's dusty

Here's another view

Monday, June 18, 2007


There has been a ton of progress over the last few weeks! Check it out:

Our View

The brick and stone are finished

Another View

Where the stone and brick meet

The Garage door is on

The formal dining room and our doors

View from the study

The living room

The cabinets are in

Our beautiful 42 inch cabinets

The driveway is grated

Monday, June 4, 2007

June 1st, Pre-Sheetrock Meeting

We had our pre-sheetrock meeting on Saturday to touch base and talk about where we are in the building process. They are running ahead of schedule but they said we would be able to delay the closing until the end of July, which is good.

The side yard

They started bricking

The Insullation in the garage

The Kitchen