Wednesday, July 29, 2009

17 Weeks Old..

Caroline turned 17 weeks old yesterday. I'll keep this post short because I'll do a 4 month update on Friday (or shortly after). Here are some pictures from her 17th week.

We actually had some rain one day last week and we went outside to enjoy the breeze before the rain started

Full of drool

Being tickled by mommy

She loves her Sophie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

16 Weeks Old..

Caroline turned 16 weeks old yesterday..I cannot believe that she's almost 4 months old! She rolled from belly to back for the first time yesterday. She only did it once and I thought I caught it on video but I apparently hadn't pushed the record button I really think she must be teething because everything goes into her mouth and she has been drooling like crazy. She's still "talking" a lot and she's started looking at the pictures in the books that we read her and "talking" to them.

She always smiles at the people and babies at her daycare when we drop her off and she seems really excited to see us in the afternoons when we pick her up. The ladies there just love her..they fight over who gets to hold Caroline when they go outside everyday.

Her sleep schedule is back on track..she's actually not even waking up on her own in the morning..we have to wake her up to get ready for daycare. She is definitely a morning person though..she's all smiles when we unwrap her from the swaddle. Here are some pictures from this week. Check out the shutterfly site for all of the pictures.

We set up her high chair so she can practice sitting in it. We plan on starting rice cereal after her 4 month appointment. Her pedi says it will help with the spitting up/mild reflux.

Frustrated that she can't get the toy in her mouth fast enough

Check out her first ponytail
She loves to stare at this iron thing that is above the couch
You can see her flat head here. We're going to talk to her pedi about that whole situation at her 4 month appt. We have greatly limited her time on her back.

With her grandma at Mario's softball game

Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 Weeks..

Miss Caroline is 15 weeks old (3 1/2 months)! She seems like she's starting to "fill out" a bit more..her little legs are getting kind of chunky. It's cute. I hope she doesn't end up with Mommy's thighs. ;) Her 3 month sleepers are getting to be too short..I have to stretch them out before I put them on her. She is really all smiles now..though it's hard to catch it on camera. As soon as I point the camera at her she stares at it and gets this funny look on her face. She loves her Jumperoo now that her feet touch the ground. We bought her a Bumbo and she tolerates it for a few minutes at a time. If there is a TV on anywhere she will turn her neck every which way to see it. We try to play with her facing away from the TV.

We're doing everything we can to keep her off of the back of her head. We now take the Bjorn with us when we go to stores and one of us wears her instead of leaving her in the car seat. Daycare seems to be cooperating with our efforts though we're not really there to watch them. They make sure she's off of her back when we pick her up in the afternoons.
I don't know if we're going through teething, the 4 month wakeful, or what but Caroline's had some sleep regression issues over the past week or so. She slept through the night last night so I hope we're back on track.
I'm going to a bachelorette party this weekend and Mario is watching Caroline on his own for an entire evening/night. You would think I was leaving for a month the way he is whining. Haha. They'll be fine.

She's a little drooly monster these days She's still not rolling yet but she does lean so I think rolling is coming soon I caught a laugh on camera Her feet touch the ground now "Airing out" before a bath Talking to the baby in the mirror Look at those chubby feet

Flat Head..

Mario and I have noticed for a while that the back of Caroline's head is pretty flat. We brought it to our pediatrician's attention at her 2 month appointment and she said she wasn't very concerned but gave us a referral to Cranail Technologies to do an evauation for Plagiocephaly.
We went to the evaluation on Tuesday and they said she has moderate Brachycephaly, meaning her head is flat straight accross the back and not just on one side. They recommended that we put Caroline in a DOC Band (helmet) for 6-8 weeks to help round out the back of her head. She would have to wear the band for 23 hours a day.

Mario and I are very torn about whether or not to get the band. I have done a lot of research and many websites say that her head will round out on it's own, despite what Cranial Tech told us. They said her head is probably not going to get any better on its own but it probably won't get any worse. I don't think Caroline's head looks that bad and don't know that it's worth it to get the band, but we're concerned that if we don't get it we may regret that decision when Caroline is older.

I called her pediatrician to see if we could go over the results and get her opinion or a referral to a specialist for a second opinion and she said to just wait until Caroline's 4 month appointment on August 4th and we would discuss things then.

Here are some pictures of Caroline's head. What do you think?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

14 Weeks and 4th of July..

We hosted both families for the 4th of July this year. We were off on Friday so we took Mario's family to the Texas Capitol to walk around. On Saturday we bbqed at our house then everyone loaded up to go watch the fireworks in Kyle. Caroline slept through the fireworks until the very end. She was able to see about 5 minutes worth and was in awe. The sound didn't scare her at all.

Hanging out in the car before going into the Capitol

Caroline spent most of the tour in the Bjorn and she did really well

One of Mario's cousins in the chief of staff for a Representative so we got to sit in the rep's chair. Here's Caroline with Aunt Debra.
Here's a group shot of all of us..Caroline was not happy
Sitting in someone's seat on the House floor

"watching" the fireworks
Here's Caroline at 14 weeks..funny face
Pretty much any time anything gets near her mouth she tries to eat it now
Playing with her toes
She's starting to drool at lot more nowAttitude already
Mario's parents brought a giant watermelon from Pearsall