Monday, February 28, 2011

McFatty Monday is back..

Okay y'all, I fell off the wagon BIG time!! I said on here that I was off the wagon for the holidays and that I would get back on track in January..that didn't happen..partly because of what was going on with Mario, partly because I lost all motivation.

My goal during my break was to at least maintain and stay around 180. That didn't happen! My last McFatty Monday weigh-in was on Nov. 8th and I was at 182.6. This morning I was at 195.8!! Ugh. I gained over 13 pounds in less than 4 months.

This is crazy! I refuse to hit 200 again so it's time to get my butt in gear. I brought out my size 12's and packed up the 10's that I've been trying to squeeze into.

Starting today I'm tracking my calories again using My Fitness Pal and I'm trying to stay under 1200, plus what I earn from working out. I'm going to start walking again and then I'll start the C25K over again. I need to look better by swimsuit season and it's quickly approaching!

Starting weight: 195.8

Starting picture

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A night out..

Without telling me, Mario set up my sister to babysit for us last night. He thought it was time for us to go out with friends again..and I was ready for my first drink since New Years Eve!

We went to dinner and to a few bars in San Marcos and it was fun. The square was pretty dead last night but we still had fun.

Mario was told by his neurologist when he was discharged from the hospital that he shouldn't drink any alcohol for 6-12 months because it could cause seizures, poor judgement, etc. He is fine with that and has even said that he may not drink again. He wasn't a big drinker anyway ( was a different story) so I think he can do it. He's still pretty freaked out by everything that happened.

It was nice to get out for a while.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

San Antonio Zoo..

We went to the San Antonio Zoo last weekend with my whole family. It rained the whole ride there and was still drizzling when we got there. I was hoping we could still have a good time despite the crappy weather. Luckily it cleared up pretty quickly and turned out to be a nice day.

I love the SA Zoo! For the whole month of February it's buy one, get one free and kids under 2 (or is it 3?) are always free. You can pack a cooler and have a picnic lunch. They have a train that does 20 minute rides all around Brackenridge Park.

Here are some pictures. Yes, my almost 2 year old still has a paci..she'll give it up when she's ready.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Park weather..

Nothing like crazy February weather in Texas..we go from snow to almost 80 degrees in a week. We've had a nice run of spring-like temperatures and there doesn't seem to be an end in sign. I love it! We've been taking advantage and doing lots of playing outside.

The onset of spring-like weather reminds me that Caroline's birthday is right around the corner! is she almost 2 (and how is she only 2 at the same time)!? We booked her birthday party for April 2nd. It's not going to be at our house this year..that was a lot of work!

Some updates: Caroline is wearing 2T clothes, but we're buying 3T for summer..she's actually already wearing some of the 3T shirts. She's in a 7-7.5 shoe. She's in size 5 diapers. She's a super picky eater..she usually refuses to eat breakfast and just wants to drink milk. We've learned not to fight that battle because the food will just end up on the floor. She's definitely more of a snacker than a big meal eater. She talks so's fun! You can ask her questions and she's amazing how much they understand at this age. I'll post a longer update on her 23 monthday.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow Day

Here are some pictures from the rare Central Texas snow day that we had a few weeks ago. We were expecting up to 3 inches, but only ended up with about .5 inches..on top of a thin layer of ice. It was enough to shut down the whole area. Our county had 150 wrecks in a couple of hours.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy New Year

We took a bunch of pictures on New Years Eve before Mario's accident. It's weird looking at them..knowing now what was about to happen.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In sickness and in health..

Wow, what a start to the year we have had! I don't know if anyone even follows me anymore, but my plan is to start blogging more now that things have calmed down. This post is going to be very long but it explains what we've been going through over the past almost two months.

Where do I begin?? New Years Eve was a normal day for us. We were excited about the night and I was enjoying one of my last days of being home with Caroline for the holidays before getting back into the work routine.

The three of us went to a friend's house that night to ring in the new year. We grilled burgers, played a board game, and had a few drinks. Shortly after midnight, we all went out into the front yard to watch the neighbors do fireworks. Mario was talking to one of our friends and, mid-sentence, decided to take off running and jump over one of the fireworks that was just lit in the street. I remember yelling to him "Mario, what are you doing? You're going to hurt yourself"...and that he did.

I watched him run, jump, and land on the ground and I keep replaying it my head. It looked like he maybe twisted his ankle or knee, lost his footing, and fell. I didn't see his head hit the ground, but it all happened so fast. We stood in the yard waiting for him to get up and run back over to us..and he didn't get up. I ran over to him with another friend and he was laying on his back, unconscious. I freaked out and tried to get him to wake up. I took his was there. We honestly couldn't figure out what had happened and why he was passed out. Nothing was bleeding.

We decided to carry him into the house and evaluate things from there. At that point the neighbor that was doing the fireworks walked up to light another one and we explained what happened. He helped us carry him into the house. We laid him on the living room floor and he started to wake up. One of our friends is a nurse and started checking his vitals and pupils..everything looked good. Once he was fully awake, he rolled to his side and threw up. We noticed that the pillow we had put under his head had a little bit of blood on it. We felt all over his head and couldn't find a break in the skin..blood was seeping through his scalp. We knew at that point that he had a concussion and we needed to take him to the hospital. We started asking him questions and he was giving weird answers so we helped him into the car and took off.

We went to the local hospital and I was convinced that he just had a concussion and they would watch him for a while, give him some fluids because he had been drinking, and send us home. They told me to wait in a waiting room while they did a CT scan and they came back in after 10-15 minutes and said they were going to have to airlift him to a trauma hospital in Austin because his brain was bleeding. I was in shock. I overheard the doctor talking to helicopter medic about a severe skull fracture and I felt sick!

I called my parents (who were at a hotel in Austin celebrating the new year) and told them what was going on. They quickly packed up their stuff and drove to our friend's house to pick up Caroline. I had them call Mario's family to let them know what was going on. I decided to have my friends drive me to Austin instead of riding in the helicopter because I felt like I was going to be sick.

To make an already long story shorter, Mario ended up having a severe skull fracture and bruising on the frontal and temporal lobes of his brain. He was in ICU for 9 days and was in a semi-coma for most of that time. He was release from the hospital after 13 days and we started outpatient therapy (occupational, physical, and speech) three times a week for three hours.

I am happy to say that he is now almost back to normal and was cleared this past Friday to start phasing back into work. We were initially told that we were facing weeks to months in the hospital and the possibility of permanent brain damage. His doctors have used the term miracle to describe his recovery! We really can't thank everyone enough for the outpouring of love, support, thoughts, prayers, etc. It has been very touching to have so many people care about our family. Our lives will be forever changed..for the better.