Monday, September 26, 2011

McFatty Monday..clean eating week 6

I did well all week until Saturday. We went to the fair and I didn’t eat anything there, which was hard to do, then we went over to our friends' house and they ordered pizza. I had two pieces. I also had a few vodka and cranberry drinks.

After a night of drinking, I decided that I wanted something sweet on Sunday so I made these Clean Eating Banana Blueberry Muffins, which were pretty good..and not unhealthy..when you eat one. I ate at least 5 or 6 throughout the day yesterday. Ugh. I love to bake but I have no self control when that kind of stuff is in the house.

I made Santa Fe Chicken in the crock pot while I took Caroline to soccer and HEB and we had that for lunch. We had Spiced Pork Tenderloin with fresh green beans sauteed with onion and garlic for dinner. I have never made fresh green beans before..I always just buy the cans but the fresh ones were on sale this week so I decided to try them..yum!

For snacking yesterday (I did too much snacking) I made Kale Chips for the first time. I have heard of people making them but I had no idea what kale was or what it tasted like. The chips are pretty good..I'll make them again.

The weigh-in this morning was not pretty. I guess it proves that I will pay for cheating and not being active. I didn't work out again this week. We cannot get rid of the summer weather here! The high today is 101..ugh. i need to get my butt in gear and finish my Wii Active challenge.

Current weight: 194.8
Weight gained this week: 1.6 pounds
Weight lost since starting clean eating: 4 pounds

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Comal County Fair..

We took Caroline to the Comal County Fair in New Braunfels yesterday. We knew she would love it because she’s finally over 36 inches tall and can ride a lot of the rides. We bought her a wristband and definitely got our money’s worth out of it. It was so hot, but she didn’t care at all. She rode one ride 7 times in a row. She did refuse to ride another ride because all the open cars were “too for boys.”

Dance class went SO much better last week! She was excited before it started and told me that she wasn’t going to cry..she started crying as soon as she saw her teacher though. That lasted less than a minute and she actually participated and had a great time. She was so worked up that she had a hard time going to bed that night.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Comal County Fair 004
Comal County Fair 019
Comal County Fair 024
Comal County Fair 031
Comal County Fair 033
Comal County Fair 034
We are looking forward to the Kyle Fair in a few weeks..and Wurstfest in November.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday..

A year ago..back when I was 178 and Caroline was 18 months old.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

McFatty Monday..clean eating week 5

Still going strong. I didn’t cheat at all this week. I didn’t exercise either..I need to get back into that routine. The forecast for the entire week shows temps under 100..a few days are even under 90! I want to start walking again.

I made a few new recipes this week:

Apple Zucchini Bread..this is not very sweet. I added raisins and ate it with almond butter and honey.

Individual Meatloaf..yum! I made these for us to take for lunch. The recipe made three meatloaves.

Sweet Potato Chips..pretty good..they shrunk up a lot so one potato didn’t go very far.

Balsamic Chicken..I served this over whole wheat spaghetti. Very good. I’m taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus..pretty darn good. I roasted the red pepper on my gas stove.

Mario has lost over 15 pounds since we started clean eating..of course. Haha. He does run 7 miles a day though.

I hope everyone else is doing well and staying on track. Last week's gain was not water weight because it took the whole week to lose it. It took one night to gain it and a week to lose it. Ugh.

Current weight: 193.2
Weight lost this week: 1.4 pounds
Weight lost since starting clean eating: 5.6 pounds

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dance class and McKenna Children’s Museum..

I know that I talked about Caroline’s Mommy and Me dance class that we did over the Summer but I’m not sure if I mentioned that we’re doing a 2 1/2 to 3 year old combo class (ballet, tap and tumbling) now through May. For the first class, they let the parents stay in the room and Caroline spent 90% of the time sitting in my lap watching everyone else. She refused to participate, which is not like her. Her allergies seemed to be bothering her so I chalked it up to her not feeling well.

The second class was this past week and the parents were not in the room. Before the class started, she was making up her own tap routine, running around with one of her friends in the class and goofing off. As soon as it was time for class to start, she freaked out. She was hysterically crying for several minutes and I was pretty close to going in there and getting her and asking for my money back. The teacher called for reinforcements and another teacher held her for the first 1/3 of the class to calm her down. I ended up telling them to try her paci and she finished the rest of the class with a paci in her mouth. She did participate, though she didn’t seem thrilled about it. She has been saying all week that she doesn’t want to go to dance class.

I want to stick it least for a little while longer because I think she will get used to it. I know she likes to dance because she pretends she has tap shoes on at home and “practices.” I guess my outgoing, friendly little girl is becoming more timid.

2011-09-12 September 11 001
We spent several hours today at the McKenna Children’s Museum in New Braunfels. It was awesome! Waayy better than the Austin Children’s Museum. It was super clean and had a lot of play areas..and a giant water table outside.

They have a grocery store with several carts, lots of items (that are organized and in good shape) and two registers.
2011-09-16 September 11 002
They have a space area..this is Caroline doing “blast off.”
2011-09-16 September 11 006
Here I am with the helmet on.
2011-09-16 September 11 009
They have a hospital with a newborn nursery. This is baby “Kyle”..every one of Caroline’s toys is “Kyle.”
2011-09-16 September 11 011
2011-09-16 September 11 012
They have an outdoor camping set up with canoes, tents, a fake fire, etc.
2011-09-16 September 11 015
They have a train table.
2011-09-16 September 11 016
2011-09-16 September 11 017
There is a ranch area with “bulls” and a chicken coop.
2011-09-16 September 11 021
There’s a house with dress up clothes..she was upset that she couldn’t find a “princess shirt” to go with her skirt so we turned the skirt into a dress.
2011-09-16 September 11 023
The water table was a big hit..I’m glad I brought extra clothes.
2011-09-16 September 11 027

Sunday, September 11, 2011

McFatty Monday..clean eating week 4

As I posted yesterday, I cheated on Saturday. We were at a wedding and they served BBQ. I could have stuck to the brisket and chicken but I ate mashed potatoes and beans..and had two pieces of wedding cake..and several beers. Oh well. I got back on track yesterday.

We tried a few new recipes this week. Here they are with my opinion of them:
Clean Eating Fish Tacos..we used tilapia..they were pretty good. I’d like a little more spice on the fish next time.

Chicken tacos again with a can of kidney beans and a can of corn added.

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pork Roast..OMG..soo good! I’m making this again today. I made mashed cauliflower to go with’s supposed to taste like mashed tasted like cauliflower. Ha.

Pumpkin Pancakes..I used Truvia instead of sucanat..these were pretty good, a little bland, but I ate them with almond butter and honey. I thought it was cool that the base of the recipe is oat flour, which is just oatmeal that is run through a blender.

Chicken Santa Fe..very good. It has the consistency of soup and I served it over brown rice.

Clean Eating Brownies..these are pretty darn good!

My weigh-in this morning was not pretty. I'm hoping most of it is water weight from my cheating on Saturday. We'll see.

Current weight: 194.6
Weight gained this week: 1.4 pounds

Cooler weather..

I was actually below 100 all last week and we took advantage of it by finally playing outside.
2011-09-08 September 2011 005
2011-09-08 September 2011 008
2011-09-08 September 2011 013
Caroline did so well kicking the soccer ball around that we decided to sign her up for indoor soccer. Her first class was today and it was a big hit. It’s not an actual team at this age, it’s a bunch of games to teach them some of the soccer basics.
2011-09-08 September 2011 017
After passing by the local high school band practicing on the way to daycare every morning, we decided to take Caroline to a high school football game on Friday. She loved it! She loved the cheerleaders, the band and the mascot.
2011-09-09 September 2011 003
2011-09-09 September 2011 005
Mario and I went to a wedding yesterday and had a blast..I didn’t stick to clean eating while we were there so that’s my one cheat meal for a while. The zipper on the dress I was going to wear broke so I ended up having to wear another dress I have.
2011-09-09 September 2011 008
The forecast for this week is not pretty..we’re supposed to be over 100 almost every day..I’m so over this weather!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend..

We started off Labor Day weekend by going to the Austin Children’s Museum for the first time. Look how huge Caroline is in her stroller.
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 001
She was a little freaked out by all the people at the museum when we first got there but she got over it pretty quickly. I’ve noticed that she is starting to become a little more shy or timid around new people or places.
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 002
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 004
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 009
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 011
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 016
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 024
2011-09-02 Labor Day Weekend 2011 025
On Sunday my parents came over and we hung out and watched football. I didn’t take any pictures..I’ve been a slacker in that department lately.

On Monday we woke up to beautiful weather and decided to head to Zilker park to play on the playground and ride the train.
|2011-09-04 Labor Day 2011 010
2011-09-04 Labor Day 2011 022
She’s such a big girl now..she didn’t want any help on the stairs.
2011-09-04 Labor Day 2011 031
2011-09-04 Labor Day 2011 028
Yesterday evening we watched one of Caroline’s friends for a few hours and she got him to wear a dress and walk around in plastic heels. It was too funny.
2011-09-05 Labor Day 2011 005
2011-09-05 Labor Day 2011 009
We have been glued to the news since Sunday when a bunch of wildfires broke out all around Austin. Please keep everyone that has been affected and the firefighters in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

McFatty Monday..clean eating week 3

I’m still going strong with the clean eating and I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t clean all week. I did do a lot more snacking this week because I was craving sweets..which I’ll blame on it being that time of the month.

I stuck with the same schedule of coffee and a smoothie, then yogurt with berries, nuts, and honey, the a piece of fruit, then lunch. We grilled chicken again for the week and used that to make sandwiches for lunch. My afternoon snack was carrots and hummus and a piece of fruit and we tried some new dinner recipes.

I made this meatloaf this week and it was good. I just used extra lean ground beef.

Sparkpeople has a lot of clean eating recipes..or recipes that are easy to clean up. They seem to be hit or miss as far as taste goes. I made these roasted pork chops with apples and sweet potatoes and I do not recommend them! I did some baking using SP recipes and everything was pretty good. I made banana nut bread again with applesauce instead of oil and oatmeal raisin cookies with applesauce instead of oil and agave instead of the cane juice.

I made this carrot bread with agave instead of sucanat and applesauce instead of oil and and it was good.

I made this shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes and without the sour cream. It was pretty good.

My parents came over yesterday for a BBQ and we grilled bison burgers..I was nervous about eating bison but these were soo good! I also made potato salad and coleslaw..the potato salad had way too much olive oil..I’d make it again, but really reducing the amount of olive oil.

We made our first ever trips to Whole Foods and Central Market this, they both have so much good stuff. Whole Foods was overwhelming but I could see myself shopping at Central Market pretty often.

Current weight: 193.2
Weight lost this week: 1 pound
Weight lost since starting clean eating: 5.6 pounds