Monday, March 26, 2012

Quince weekend..

We headed down to San Antonio on Thursday to start preparing for our niece’s quince. Caroline was the princess so we had to go Thursday for practice. The party wasn’t until Saturday so we had all day Friday to swim at the awesome hotel pool.

Caroline had a queen bed all to herself.
March 2012 002
After the rehearsal on Thursday we went to an awesome restaurant called Bigz that has a lot of outdoor seating and a huge astroturf field for the kids to run around in. Caroline had a blast running around with her cousins..she is super fast! (I only took one picture all night) This is her cousin that just turned 4. She is way bigger than him at almost 3.
March 2012 005
The next day was pool time. The hotel pool was awesome. It had a little splash pad area and was indoor and outdoor.
March 2012 006
She was actually scared to let go of us for about an hour and wouldn’t jump in unless it was into our arms. She was the total opposite last year. After about an hour, she was back to her water-loving self.
March 2012 008
March 2012 021
March 2012 024
March 2012 027
This is the best picture I got of her hair.
March 2012 028
March 2012 032
This is the only picture I got of her walking down the aisle (with her hands in her mouth).
March 2012 037
The girls rode around San Antonio and took pictures at a few locations. Caroline wanted to ride with them so bad, but I didn’t want a group of 15 year olds to be responsible for making sure she didn’t run off somewhere.
March 2012 040
Check out the candy bar that my sister-in-law set up. She bought the jars and she is going to start setting these up at parties. She actually volunteered to set up a mini one at Caroline’s party this weekend.
March 2012 046
The little ones had so much fun running around and dancing (and eating candy).
March 2012 049
The chocolate fountain was yummy.
March 2012 051
March 2012 052
March 2012 055
March 2012 056
Watching the “pretty girls” get introduced.
March 2012 079
The princess’ job is to help change the shoes.
March 2012 143
March 2012 151
March 2012 159
March 2012 203
We go in more pool time yesterday.
March 2012 208
March 2012 210
We had a fun weekend and we’re looking forward to Caroline’s birthday party this weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 years

I have been a seriously crappy blogger. Sorry about that.

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on St Patty's Day by taking an overnight trip to Gruene with some friends. We went to a concert and had a great time!

We have our niece's party this weekend and I need to remember to take my camera.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

House tour..

I’ve seen some other people do a house tour and I was bored while working from home one day so I decided to take pictures. Here goes..

This was taken standing right inside the front door. The “study” is on the right and the formal dining room is straight ahead.
March 2012 001
Here’s the entrance to what used to be the study and is now the playroom.
March 2012 002
I am a horrible photographer, but here are some pictures of the playroom.
March 2012 003
March 2012 004
March 2012 005
Here’s the formal dining room. I love the big square table. My parents bought it for us as a housewarming gift.
March 2012 006
This is the hallway to the left of the dining room. Two bedrooms, the laundry room (which leads to the garage), and a bathroom are off of this hallway.
March 2012 007
Here’s “Caroline’s” bathroom. We only use it to potty and store her towels and stuff..she showers and takes baths in our bathroom.
March 2012 008
Caroline’s room is straight down the hallway.
March 2012 009
This room is used for changing clothes and playing..she sleeps in our bed. We still have a changing pad even though she’s out of diapers..that’s where I put lotion on her and get her dressed after baths.
March 2012 011
Her bed is used to store stuffed animals.
March 2012 012
The princess box in her closet holds all of her dress up clothes.
March 2012 013
When you walk back down the hallway and take a right, this is where you end up.
March 2012 014
Here’s the kitchen..I need to figure out what to put on top of the cabinets and on the plant ledge.
March 2012 015
Here’s the eat-in area..that’s my Wal-Mart table from college.
March 2012 016
Here’s one side of the living room. I really want to do a much bigger picture display over the couch some day.
March 2012 017
Here’s the other side.
March 2012 018
Here’s one side of our bedroom. I would love to get a king sized bed!
March 2012 019
Here’s the other side..we don’t have much furniture in here and we don’t have a tv in the bedroom.
March 2012 020
And..that’s about’ve seen our backyard recently..and you’re not going to see the guest’s a collection place for a lot of stuff.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday parties..

The weather turned cold and rainy just in time for the weekend..and just in time for two outdoor birthday parties that we were supposed to attend. The first one was moved from the backyard to inside the house and everything was still fun! Caroline was super shy at first because she hadn’t seen these friends in a while, but she warmed up pretty quickly and didn’t want to leave. They had a banana split bar and it was SO good! Thanks for having us K! Unfortunately, I left my camera at home because we were running late. Sad smile

Saturday night, my friend and I left the girls with our husbands and went out shopping for the joint birthday party that is happening at the end of the month. We got most of what we we just need to hope for good weather because it’s supposed to be at a park.

This morning we went to Faith’s birthday party at the Jumpy Place in Kyle. It was also supposed to be outside but mother nature did not cooperate. We had a blast today also and I think everything went smoothly despite the last minute change of plans.

I did take my camera today.
March 2012 030
March 2012 036
March 2012 075
March 2012 079
March 2012 085
March 2012 093
We got home and the weather actually turned out to be really nice. The backyard playscape dried off pretty quickly so we got to get some outdoor playtime in this weekend. Caroline wanted us to hang her baby swing.
March 2012 102
March 2012 095
In other news, we have the next weigh-in for the weight loss challenge this week and I’m dreading it! I am so off track y’all..and I’m having a hard time finding motivation. I am still going strong with Zumba and I love it. Food is another story!