Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well hello there strangers!

Yeah, I suck at blogging when I'm pregnant and when I have a newborn. I'm pretty sure I dropped blogging when I was pregnant with Caroline too. Sorry about that.

So..I had a baby, it was a boy and his name is Maxwell Thomas, we call him Max. He was born at 39 weeks and was 8lbs 12oz, 21 inches long.

He has grown to be quite the chunky monkey! He weighed in at 18lbs 2oz at the pediatrician last week (at 3.5 months). We discovered when I was pregnant that he has kidney reflux and he's had some testing and ultrasounds done since he was born. He's on a daily antibiotic to prevent an infection and we are hoping everything will resolve on its own.

How about some pictures? I think I left off last Summer..

Caroline played t-ball in the fall and for half of the Spring before she decided she hated it.
We celebrated Halloween..this was a backup costume because hers wasn't in yet.
We had a great last Christmas as a family of 3.

I told you I'm a cow when I'm pregnant. ;)

Caroline loves her brother!

This is the spot where we were married 6 years ago.
Max is growing.
Caroline turned 4!
And growing.
His first day of 8 weeks.
And growing.
Caroline is going to Catholic school in August and she hates the uniform.

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