Tuesday, August 31, 2010

17 Months!!

Wow, it really does feel like Caroline turned 1 yesterday. Where has the time gone!? Where has the Summer gone!? Why does time fly when you have kids?

Let's see..what's new with Miss Caroline this month?

  • She's talking more and more every day. I haven't even made a list of, or counted, the number of words she says.

  • She still signs all the time. I need to learn some new signs to teach her.

  • Her 18 month clothes are getting tight. I bought a bunch of 24 month stuff, but it's all long sleeved. I think we're going to have to find some clearance shorts and short sleeved shirts pretty soon.

  • She wears a size 6 shoe.

  • She does pretty well at using a fork and spoon, though she's still a very messy eater!

  • I think we figured out the cause of her face rash..we've narrowed it down to strawberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon. We've been avoiding those fruits and her face looks much better.

  • She is such a ham! She is not shy at all...she loves to be the center of attention and will talk to anyone. She likes to wave and say "hi" to everyone.

  • She loves to clean..she sweeps, swiffers, and vacuums (with her stroller). If she has a wipe or rag she wipes her face and arms and dusts the table and floors. I guess we've set a good example..let's hope she keeps it up!

  • Brushing her teeth is a battle! Please give me any tips you have for that!!

  • She still loves Yo Gabba Gabba..that's pretty much the only show she watches..we let her watch it when we get home while we're making dinner. She dances around the living room.

  • She loves music! She immediately starts dancing is she hears any kind of music..and she claps and says "yay" at the end of each song..she learned that at daycare.

  • She is doing really well at daycare. They love her and say she is just always so happy and her face is so expressive.

  • She is still a Mommy's girl! She loves to play with Mario, but she always wants me when she's tired, cranky, bored, hungry, etc. She hugs my legs and says "up up up mama".

  • I could go on and on, but I know you probably want to see pictures. These are from this weekend. She got to hang out with her cousins.

      Plugging her ears while everyone sang Happy Birthday..she kept saying "happy..happy..happy"

      She saw a baby in the stands at Mario's softball game..she loves babies

      Saying "cheese"

      She loves phones!

      Monday, August 30, 2010

      McFatty Monday..week 34

      Setting small goals last week really helped me to stay on track (at least during the week). One of my goals was to track my calories every weekday. I tracked them Monday - Thursday. I was slightly over my calories on Monday, but slightly under Tuesday - Thursday. My other goal was to walk at least 3 times. I walked twice. I planned on walking on Thursday but I did something to my heel and it felt like I was pushing on a bruise every time I stepped down. I can still feel it, but it's not as bad as it was so I'm planning on walking today.

      We spent the weekend in Mario's hometown and it's close to impossible to eat well while we're there. We went to our niece's birthday party on Saturday and they served enchilada plates. Mario and I split one, but I ate enough chips and salsa for three people.

      My goals for this week are to track my calories Monday - Thursday (and stay under) and to walk at least three times. We're going to Houston on Friday and we'll be there until Tuesday and I'm sure cheating will be involved. I will make an effort to make healthier choices while we're there. I'm planning on getting back on track 100% when we get back from Houston.

      Current weight: 177.2
      Weight GAINED this week: 0.2 lbs (ugh..the second week in a row that I gained)
      Total weight lost so far: 66.5 lbs

      Thursday, August 26, 2010

      16 Months, 3 Weeks

      We did a horrible, evil thing this past weekend..and Caroline loved it (so did we)!! We went to the circus. I had no idea until recently that going to the circus was a taboo thing. I've donated time and money to animal shelters in the past so maybe that will give me a pass on this one?

      Anyway..I had never been to the circus before and it really was cool! The animals were only a small part of the (over 2 hour long) show. Caroline was dancing, clapping, and mesmerized the entire time. I was worried that she was just going to fall asleep (or get really cranky) because she refused to nap at all before we went (at 3:30pm). She stayed awake until the very end..then slept pretty much for the rest of the night.

      I didn't take a ton of pictures while we were there..and I also used the old point and shoot.

      We're headed to Mairo's hometown this weekend to spend time with family. Hopefully Caroline will have a blast and we won't have any toddler fights like we did on Mother's Day.

      Here are some pictures..daycare put her hair in braids for the first time last week..I really have no idea how they get her to sit still while they do her hair because she will not cooperate for me.

      Monday, August 23, 2010

      McFatty Monday..week 33

      It's time for me to get back on track! I haven't tracked my calories in probably a month..and I didn't walk at all last week. I've had several people ask me lately what I've been doing to lose the weight and I've told them about the calorie tracking and walking. A few of my coworkers are on board, motivated, and tracking calories now..and I'm not anymore!

      My goal for this week is to track my calories at least every weekday and to walk at least three times.

      On a good note, I bought my first pair of size 10 jeans this weekend!! I've been wearing size 10 work pants, but jeans are a different story. Yay! I'm now motivated to stay in a size 10..or smaller.

      Current weight: 177
      Weight GAINED this week: 0.6 lbs
      Total weight lost so far: 66.7 lbs

      Monday, August 16, 2010

      McFatty Monday..week 32

      I'm still on the same pattern of doing pretty well during the week and cheating on the weekend. I will say that I lost 5 pounds from Monday to Friday last week, but I gained half of it back over the weekend. Maybe I should move my weigh-in day to Friday. ;)

      My boss makes excellent cakes (from scratch) for everyone's birthday and I asked for fruit instead. I didn't even want to be tempted with cake. Now that I'm thinking about it, this was my first birthday without any cake at all. Of course what I didn't eat in cake, I made up for in margaritas.

      We went out to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday to celebrate my birthday and I ordered shrimp fajitas instead of the enchiladas I usually get. I did eat a tortilla and my fair share of chips and salsa though.

      Here I am on my birthday last year.

      Here I am this year.

      Current weight: 176.4
      Weight lost this week: 2.4 pounds
      Total weight lost so far: 67.3 pounds

      Wednesday, August 11, 2010

      16 Months, 2 Weeks

      Not much new is going on at the Mata house. The weeks just seem to be flying by! Time definitely moves faster once you have a child.

      Caroline had a major foot growth spurt over the past few weeks..her sandals that were a little big on memorial day now have toes hanging over the edge. We made a trip to Stride Rite and bought a few pairs of tennis shoes for the rest of the summer and fall. She loves them..and they definitely make her run faster.

      We've been dealing with her face breaking out in a rash off and on since she was about 6 weeks old. It's been pretty bad lately and now it's happening to her diaper area. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, but it looks pretty bad. I think I'm going to make a pedi appointment soon to talk about it. I wonder if she has an allergy to something.

      Here are some pictures from the past week. This girl loves Yo Gabba Gabba..and I have all the songs memorized.

      Monday, August 9, 2010

      McFatty Monday..week 31

      I was very close to delaying my official weigh-in to tomorrow or Wednesday because I know I'm retaining water right now from all of the alcohol and bad food from this weekend. I decided to go ahead and count today's weight to hold myself accountable. I have to realize that if I continue to go way off track on the weekends, I am not going to see the results I want.

      I'm hoping to lose some weight by the end of this week because I'm going out for my birthday this weekend and alcohol and bad food will be involved.

      Current weight: 178.8
      Weight GAINED this week: 1.2 pounds
      Total weight lost so far: 64.9 pounds

      Monday, August 2, 2010

      16 Months

      Miss Caroline turned 16 months on Saturday and we spent the day at Landa Pool again. She had a blast, as usual. Let's see, what's new?

      • She's talking a lot..she tries to repeat most things that we say and she definitely understands when we talk to her or ask her a question. 
      • She will pick up her toys and put them away when we ask her to (and when she feels like it).
      • She still LOVES to dance..she tries to sing too..she will hum along with a song and try to say the words. Her favorite song is Justin Beiber's (sp?) Baby from the new Kids Bop cd.
      • She's in size 4 diapers and still in 18 month clothes. We had to go buy her more shoes yesterday because she's now in a size 6!
      • She loves the show Yo Gabba Gabba and we bought a DVD that has 4 episodes on it. I have them all memorized now. She mimics the dances and games they play. It's actually pretty educational.
      • She gives kisses on demand and blows kisses.
      • She's the only 12-18 month old left at daycare so she's been with the 19-24 month olds for a few weeks now. I love it. She's learning a lot from them and they seem to look out for her. It's so cute to hear them all say "Caroline, your mom" when I go to pick her up. Honestly, she's the same size or bigger than most of the 19-24 month olds.
      • She has finally master the straw cup and we're really working on using utensils.
      • She loves fruit..and calls all fruit "apples." She's not a big meat eater..the only meat we've been able to get her to eat is a chicken nugget.
      Here are some pictures from this weekend. Sorry about the bad quality, I didn't want to take my DSLR to the pool.

      McFatty Monday..week 30

      I am continuing to sabotage myself on the weekends, but at least I'm still losing weight right?

      I got a ton of comments from coworkers last week about my weight loss. It's funny how they come in waves. I had to go shopping for more work pants yesterday because my 12s were getting pretty saggy. I bought size 10 pants..and they fit perfectly!! That is just crazy to me. I haven't been smaller than a 12 since my Freshman year of college.

      I'm so paranoid about gaining the weight back. I hope I can find a happy medium where I'm not binging, but not counting every single calorie. What are your tips for maintaining?

      Current weight: 177.6
      Weight lost this week: 0.4 pounds
      Total weight lost so far: 66.1 pounds