Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Since I have sucked at blogging lately, I’m going to go ahead and do one post for the whole month of April. I will probably do a separate post about this coming weekend later because Caroline has a dance performance on Saturday and our we’re going to watch our niece in the Miss Helotes pageant on Sunday.

We dyed eggs a few days before Easter.
April 2012 005
We got the pool out at the beginning of April also.
April 2012 010
It was a little chilly.
April 2012 015
April 2012 018
Jake wanted to get in on the action too.
April 2012 020
On Good Friday we headed to Houston to visit family and go to the Astros home opener. We found Caroline street in downtown Houston. Caroline kept asking where Mommy Street was.
April 2012 023
April 2012 026
April 2012 035
On Easter Sunday, we stopped at the beach in Galveston for a few hours before heading back home to see what the Easter bunny brought and hunt eggs.
April 2012 049
April 2012 054
April 2012 061
April 2012 063
We went to a Round Rock Express game with some friends. We sat on the grass by the playground and had a lot of fun.
April 2012 008
We went to visit some friends in San Antonio last weekend.
2012-04-20 April 2012 005
2012-04-21 April 2012 002
2012-04-21 April 2012 008

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Phone Dump..

I know that I still need to blog about Easter weekend and everything else we've been up to, but here is a dump of pictures from my phone in the meantime.

We went to my coworker's wedding on April 1.

We went to Houston for the Astros home-opener.

While we were in Houston, we went to a crawfish boil..I didn't eat any.

Caroline got into some finger paint and got it all over the place!

We had a garage sale last weekend.

We went to the Round Rock Express game and sat in the grass.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Caroline’s Princess Party..

I’m so behind on blogging..sorry about that.

We had Caroline’s birthday party on March 31st..her actual birthday. To be honest, I like having the party on a day other than her actual birthday because then we can do something special with just us for her actual day.  well, it was fun anyway.

I’ve mentioned before, but we ended up doing a joint birthday party with her friend that is 5 days younger. It was nice doing a joint party because it was someone else to help make decisions and shop with..and it was also someone else to split the cost with. We did separate invitations because we didn’t want people to think they had to bring an extra gift for a kid they didn’t know. Everything turned out great and all the kids had a blast.

We did the playscape for her birthday, but we still got her a small gift to open when she woke up on the actual day.
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 004
Mario went out and got her a donut with pink icing and sprinkles.
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 005
We had the party at the Children’s Park in San Marcos. It’s a great location and the huge wooden playscape is awesome. We rented the gazebo and it had 4 picnic tables under it. It was a little hot and there were some pools of water from rain that we had earlier in the week, but it was a beautiful day otherwise.

We used Kimberly’s Kakery again and she didn’t disappoint!
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 007
We rented a boucy castle that had an obstacle course and slide was a big hit.
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 008
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 010
Caroline and her friend wore matching dresses..but we didn’t get many pictures of them together..they were too busy running around.
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 017
We found the perfect piñata tree.
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 025
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 035
Birthday girls ready to blow out candles.
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 043
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 045
My sister-in-law set up a candy bar for us as party favors. (She is available for hire)
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 051
You can see part of the park in this picture.
2012-03-30 Caroline's Birthday 2012 019
We let some balloons go for Janel.
2012-03-31 Caroline's Birthday 2012 011
We opened presents when we got home..Caroline LOVED everything! I really need to get on the ball with the thank you notes.
2012-03-31 Caroline's Birthday 2012 014
Caroline had a great birthday and I still can’t believe that she’s 3!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

She's 3!!

I have been a terrible blogger lately..sorry about that.

Miss Caroline turned 3 this past Saturday and had her 3 year well visit today. She is 35lbs (90%) and 39.5 inches (95%). She’s still big..she towers over her friends. She wears size 4T, though I’ve noticed that a lot of the new 4T bottoms I have been buying are a little big. I might dig out the 3T shorts to see if we can use those again. She wears a size 10 shoe. She has thinned out a lot over the past year!

Here are some highlights of her 3rd year.
Easter 0172011-04-02 015 
2011-05-01 May 2011 047
2011-06-11 June 2011 004
2011-07-09 July 2011 035
Galveston 2011 072
2011-11-23 November 2011 052
December 2011 047
2012-01-16 January 2012 006
February 2012 004
March 2012 055