Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas..a little late

We left for Mario’s hometown the Friday before Christmas..and we knew we wouldn’t be back home until late Christmas Eve, so we went ahead and left out milk and cookies for Santa.
December 2011 004
Caroline had a great time with her cousins.
December 2011 011
There were presents taking over the living room! (notice Mario’s senior picture on the
December 2011 012
Caroline opened the first of many princess themed, I said we were not doing the princess thing before she was born.
December 2011 023
We got back home at about 11pm on Christmas Eve and Caroline was sound asleep so we put her to bed and Santa got to work.
December 2011 028
December 2011 029
We woke her up in the morning (because she will sleep until 9!) and she was so excited! She picked out a princess dress and shoes from her trunk of dress-up clothes.
December 2011 033
We checked out the stocking.
December 2011 035
Yay for Foofa shoes!
December 2011 039
All of her pink loot.
December 2011 044
We got dressed and headed over to my parents’ house to see what Santa dropped off there.
December 2011 048
Caroline was more interested in passing out everyone else’s presents that opening her own. I’ve always played “Santa” and passed out the gifts..I guess she takes after me.

My parents are awesome and got us some great stuff! We got a blu-ray DVD player with WiFi and it is awesome! You can listen to your Pandora stations, stream Netflix, get on Facebook..we’ve been having lots of fun during our week off!
December 2011 067
After we got things somewhat cleaned up, my dad brought out the other gift that Santa brought. She kept asking Santa for a pink car..and he brought one! She LOVED it!
December 2011 068
December 2011 072
December 2011 080

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ready for Christmas!

I’m glad we got our Christmas shopping done early so we could do fun stuff last weekend! On Saturday morning we woke up, cleaned house and went to see the new Chipmunks movie. Caroline loved it..and we thought it was pretty cute too. After the movie, we drove to San Antonio to go to the Sea World Christmas celebration. Luckily we timed things just right and Caroline took an hour and a half nap on the drive there. It was so much fun! We haven’t been to Sea World when it wasn’t at least 95 degrees outside. We actually got to enjoy the rest of the park and the shows. Caroline loved the carousel as usual. December 2011 018 We climbed on the giant net playground. December 2011 021 She has grown since this Summer so she’s now able to ride most of the rides by herself. December 2011 041 December 2011 047 They had a trail that went through trees that were covered with lights. All along the trail were characters from around the park. December 2011 069 She loved the Shamu roller coaster! December 2011 087 On Sunday night we went to the Buda Trail of Lights. It was fun! December 2011 109 They painted Rudolph noses on the kids. December 2011 111 December 2011 113 We visited with Santa again. December 2011 116 Yesterday was PJ day and Christmas party day at school. December 2011 133 We’re excited about Santa coming..and I can’t wait to see Caroline’s reaction on Christmas morning. We haven’t put any presents under the tree because there is no way she would leave them alone.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dancing queen..

Caroline’s dance studio had a float in the Budafest parade on Saturday and I rode with her. It was freezing! I don’t have any good quality pictures because I forgot to put the memory card in the camera. Oops.

After the parade, the different dance classes performed outside. By the time Caroline’s class was up, she was tired and asking for her paci and milk so I didn’t know how it would go. She stood up there with a pouty face and didn’t move at all. Haha.

Tonight was the last night of dance until after the new year so they did in-studio performances and Mario and my mom came to watch. They practiced before going to the room where they were going to perform and Caroline did great. She had fun walking in line to the other room.
2011-12-12 December 2012 002
They all lined up and got ready to dance (notice how much taller she is than the other girls in her class).
2011-12-12 December 2012 009
They started dancing and she didn’t move. She was just looking around at everyone. She refused to dance to wheels on the bus, which is one of her favorite songs. Poor thing gets stage fright.
2011-12-12 December 2012 016
She didn’t dance for the second dance either.

They headed back to their classroom and got to pick out costumes to wear for the last few dances. She was back to her normal, playful self.
2011-12-12 December 2012 017
2011-12-12 December 2012 019

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba live

We had been looking forward to YGG live since August, when my parents bought us tickets for my birthday. Of course now I'm hearing about all these super discounted tickets. Ugh.

Anyway. The show was awesome! We had floor seats so Caroline danced around in the aisles with other kids and actually tried to run up and get on the stage. I wasn't sure how she would do because she didn't nap.

My pictures are pretty crappy because they're all phone pictures. They wouldn't allow cameras with detachable lenses so we had to take ours back to the car.

Getting her pout on because she wanted something that another kid had.

She didn't want to be contained.

She was in shock when they came on stage.

Fake snow started falling from the ceiling and she loved it.

And this is how she looked by the time we pulled out of the parking lot.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving..until now

Better late than never right? We hosted Thanksgiving again this year, though my parents bought all the food because we were in Pearsall until Wednesday evening. Our kitchen overhead light went out on Wednesday so we had to use a lamp to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

We fried a turkey in our electric fryer.
2011-11-24 Thanksgiving 2011 004
We did paper plates this year instead of’s much easier that way.
2011-11-24 Thanksgiving 2011 020
We put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving.

We bought Caroline a pink tree to put in the playroom.
2011-11-24 Thanksgiving 2011 025
Caroline “helped” me inside while Mario hung the outside lights.
2011-11-24 Thanksgiving 2011 033
The mantle. That wreath will soon be replaced with a TV. We got a good black Friday deal from Dell on a bigger TV and we’re selling our current one, which will pay for the installation over the fireplace. I can’t wait.
2011-11-24 Thanksgiving 2011 036
We went to the Kyle tree lighting and waited in line to see Santa for over an hour. We were allowed to take two pictures and this is as good as it got.
December 2011 012
So we decided to hit up the mall Santa yesterday. We waited in line for another hour. Caroline did surprisingly well! She’s so excited about Christmas and Santa.
December 2011 016
I need to scan the professional turned out really cute. Here’s one that Mario took.
December 2011 023
We let her ride the train for being so good in line.
December 2011 029