Tuesday, May 31, 2011

McFatty Tuesday..2.2 pound GAIN

Yikes! I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I was completely off the wagon all week. I even stopped at McD's on the way to work one morning instead of eating the bagel I packed.

The only exercise I did was carrying Caroline around in the pool. I need to start tracking my calories again to hold myself more accountable for all the crap I'm eating.

I was looking back through old posts and I'm pretty much right where I was at this time last year, though with a completely different attitude. Last year I had just broken through the 190's and I was motivated..this year I'm creeping back toward them.

Current weight: 189
Weight GAINED this week: 2.2 pounds
Weight lost so far: 6.8 pounds

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend..

A big thanks to everyone that has served our country, especially those that have given their lives so that we can enjoy our freedom.

Memorial Weekend 2011 006
Memorial Weekend 2011 010
We had a fun and eventful weekend. On Friday night we went to the Round Rock Express game. They have fireworks after the game on Fridays. Instead of wasting our money on seats, we paid to sit on the grass. We knew we would probably be chasing Caroline around the whole time anyway.

She didn’t seem to like the booming noise from the fireworks. Loud noises don’t usually bother her but she was clinging to me and hiding her face at first. I turned it into a game where we named all the colors of the fireworks and she got excited about them. When they were over she kept asking for more.
Memorial Weekend 2011 012
It was really windy, but that made the 95+ temperatures a little easier to deal with.
Memorial Weekend 2011 013
Memorial Weekend 2011 026
Memorial Weekend 2011 036
Caroline did a great job drinking out of a regular cup. We haven’t let her use a regular cup at home but it seems like we should start.
Memorial Weekend 2011 052
Memorial Weekend 2011 057
Memorial Weekend 2011 060
Memorial Weekend 2011 069
We spent Saturday at Sea World. It was a mad house but that was to be expected on a holiday weekend. We spent all day at the water park and never left. Caroline had a blast..she LOVES the water. She’s a huge fan of the wave pool and loves jumping over the waves.
Memorial Weekend 2011 079
Memorial Weekend 2011 083
Memorial Weekend 2011 088
Memorial Weekend 2011 090
We spent Sunday at Rock N River in Round Rock. Caroline loved the place last year and I knew it would be even better now that she’s bigger. We brought her puddle jumper and she had a blast “swimming.”

We got to the pool 30 minutes before it opened because we learned last year that in order to get a chair or table, you have to get there early.

Here’s Caroline having a snack while waiting to get in. We gave her some baked Cheetos and she loved them, but didn’t like the cheese all over her fingers..she kept wanting me to clean them off.
Memorial Weekend 002
Memorial Weekend 005
Memorial Weekend 010
Memorial Weekend 017
They even have slides for the big kids.
Memorial Weekend 028
Mario being silly.
Memorial Weekend 035
Memorial Weekend 039
We went to the Kyle pool for a few hours this afternoon and Caroline loved jumping off the side into the water.
Memorial Weekend 041
Memorial Weekend 044

McFatty Monday will be McFatty Tuesday this week because I didn’t weigh-in this morning. I know it’s not going to be pretty.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Week in iPhone Pics..

Asleep on the way to the pool
Meeting my parent's cat for the first time
First taste of salsa
Watching the Bachelorette

Sleeping in shades
Dinner with new hair

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My hair..

As I'm sure all of my Facebook friends know, I cut 10 inches off of my hair yesterday. Several of my friends have recently cut their hair and I was super tired of mine so I decided (pretty quickly) to go for it. I don't like to mull things over, I'm a do-er.

I went to ULTA, which is where I usually go, because your haircut is free with a 10 inch donation to Locks for Love. Since the haircut was free, I decided to splurge on some highlights.

This is the picture of what I wanted. A long swing bob.

Here's the before.

It's gone.

Under the dryer.


Here it is..I love it!

In natural light.

I was nervous about being able to recreate things this morning..I did it!

If you're thinking of cutting your hair, do it! It feels awesome!

Monday, May 23, 2011

McFatty Monday..1.2 pound loss

I lost weight this week but I can't say that it was from me getting back on track. I was ok with eating during the day last week but I snacked a lot in the evenings (I discovered nutella for the first time).

I didn't work out at all! Yikes..and the weather hasn't been as hot so I can't use that as an excuse.

I ate bad this weekend and had a few margaritas. I'm just glad I didn't gain weight.

Current weight: 186.8
Weight lost this week: 1.2 pounds
Total weight lost so far: 9 pounds

Here's a picture from girls night on Friday.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


We planned to go to the pool yesterday but the we woke up to nasty wet weather. We knew we wanted to get out of the house and take Caroline to do something fun so we decided to check out Locomotion. I had heard good things about it and I knew they had other things to play with besides jumpy houses.

They have a ball pit for ages 3 and under and Caroline loved it.

YouTube Video

They also have a dress up area and a "mini-town" with a grocery store, vet's office, kitchen, and auto shop.

She even got on some of the jumpy thing and loved them (which is rare).

We will definitely be going back.

I forgot my real camera so you have to settle for iPhone pics today.

We're planning on swimming somewhere today (weather permitting).

Monday, May 16, 2011

McFatty Monday..1lb GAIN

Yikes. I'm really back tracking huh!? This week was weird for me weight wise. On Monday I was 187 and I lost weight every day even though I was snacking more than I should and I didn't exercise AT ALL. By Friday I was down to 182.4! It was totally messing with my head. I need to be punished for not being on track so that I'll snap out of my bad habits.

Well, that definitely happened because I gained 5.6 pounds in two days! I know some of it is water retention but that's not an excuse..I ate bad this weekend...cake, chips, a burger, breakfast tacos, donuts, margaritas, brownies, etc. I think it's safe to say that I am off the wagon and out of control.

I'm getting back on track today. I must walk this week! I hope I can report a loss next Monday because this is getting embarrassing!

Current weight: 188
Weight GAINED this week: 1 pound
Total weight lost so far: 7.8 pounds

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend at Lake Dunlap..

My cousin graduated from Texas State on Saturday and some family and friends rented some cabins on Lake Dunlap. I had never heard of it, but it’s just east of New Braunfels. It was a nice, relaxing getaway and the drive home was short.

It wasn’t as hot this weekend as it has been lately so only a few people got in the water. The weather was perfect for hanging out by the water.

We brought the Cozy Coupe for entertainment. Caroline loved being able to run free..and boy did she..she didn’t stay still for very long all weekend.

2011-05-13 Lake Dunlap 001
2011-05-13 Lake Dunlap 003
Ready for the graduation on Saturday.
2011-05-13 Lake Dunlap 013
Wondering what the kayak’s were.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 009
Trying on Aunt Natalie’s shades.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 022
She got them stuck in her hair.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 030
Mario was sinking and didn’t realize it. Luckily he made it to shore and didn’t completely sink.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 038
We fed a duck…
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 048
and watched Uncle Chris fish.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 052
We played catch…
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 055
and tried on cousin Trey’s huge shoes.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 074
She had fun climbing on the pile of linens this morning.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 077
She helped Baca (grandpa) drive.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 084
We had a fun weekend and I’m looking forward to a quick trip to Corpus in June and a week at the beach house in August.