Wednesday, October 24, 2007

3 month update!

Well, I have totally slacked off on this blog since we moved into the house. We've been busy decorating, but we still have a ton of stuff to do. I have also realized that I suck at taking pictures of the house. It's soo much cuter in person anyway.

I bought this iron thing from Hobby Lobby..we still need to paint the living room.

I got this iron thing from Kirklans. We're going to paint the fireplace wall that sticks out from the regular wall a dark brown.

We've added curtains since this picture, but it gives you a good overall shot of the room..oh, and I killed those pretty flowers

This candle holder is from Target and it's now inside the fits perfectly

We put up curtains from Target..this is the first time I've ever had curtains before and it's very exciting!

We put up matching curtains in the eat-in area..they're a lot darker when the light's not shining through..and they have shimmer to them

Our first painting project was the study...we have never painted before and apparently we picked a "cheap" brand of took 3 coats on top of the tinted primer..never again will we use "cheap" paint

We still need to add decor to the walls. All of the furnitire is from Target and the color is Espresso

We decided to make the room into a study/tv area..we're planning on getting a flat screen in here eventually

The guest room that actually has furniture in it


Tabatha said...

I like the updated decorations...especially the iron thingy over the fireplace! What brand of paint did you use in the office? I used Behr (from Home Depot) for my office and did about 2 coats. I've always had to use more paint for darker colors so don't feel the need to "splurge" on your next paint project if it's going to be a lighter color. Just a thought (:

Looks great!

Larisa said...

I love your red walls. I've also heard that reds need lots of coats to get the color even for some reason.

Bobcatsteph said...

We used Olympic brand paint. We heard that reds were hard to paint, but this was just a pain.