Sunday, January 6, 2008

He's home!!

We went to pick up Jake from the breeder yesterday. He's so adorable with blue/green eyes. The housetraining is going very well. We haven't had any accidents, he seems to already know where he's supposed to potty. Last night was pretty hard..he woke up several times to go outside and he was not happy going back into his crate..he thought it was time to play.

Here he is in the car on the way home...he did really well riding in the car and slept almost the whole time.

We had to stop for a potty break half way home..he wasn't too excited about walking on a leash..he thought it was a chew toy. His collar doesn't quite fit yet.

This is his first time in the house

His first time in the yard

He likes the dog bed we bought for him

Waking up from a can really see his ridge here

Watching daddy clean up his poop

Posing for pictures

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Keri said...

He's so cute! Good luck on being puppy parents!