Sunday, November 1, 2009

7 Months!

Miss Caroline turned 7 months old yesterday. This month flew by! She is so much fun these days. She's very close to being mobile. She finally rolled from her back to her belly on Friday. She's been really trying to crawl for about a week and I'm sure it won't be long. We need to do some baby proofing.

She's still eating about five 6 ounce bottles every day and three meals of solids. She loves eating purees again and we've started some finger foods. We're working on teaching her to hold her bottles and use a sippy cup.

We're looking forward to this month with Miss Caroline. We have family pictures scheduled..I hope she'll smile for the camera. She's become pretty shy around strangers. She has two grandparent's birthdays to celebrate. We also have Thanksgiving at our house with both sides of the family. It should be another fun month!

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