Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad things happen in threes right?

Bad Thing #1:
I was volunteered to be on a softball team that my husband and parents are on because they needed more girls. Besides a co-ed rec intramural team in college, I have never played softball. Where do they put the players that don't have much experience? Outfield. Our team was practicing last night and we decided to scrimmage another team. The first guy up to bat hit the ball right at me and I remember thinking that the ball was moving a lot faster than when our own coach was hitting practice fly balls to us. I had to run to the left a few steps to get in front of the ball and I stuck my glove out and...BAM...the ball hit me right in the ear!! Ouch.

I immediately put my hand over my ear and all I could hear was a ringing sound..I was on the verge or crying when everyone ran over to see if I was ok. I stood there for a second and told them I was fine and the game went on. The ringing went away after about five minutes but my ear is very sore. Unfortunately my ear looks just like a normal bruising, swelling or anything to show for the pain I'm in.

Bad Thing #2:
Mario and I woke up this morning and got ready for work as usual. We walked out of the front door, locked it and walked to the car. When I went around to the passenger side I notice the back passenger window had been busted out. We looked in the car to see if anything was missing and everything was where we had left it. We filed a police report and found out that two other cars had been broken into last night. So much for the new neighborhood watch signs that we just posted in the neighborhood.

I was actually contacted about this by KXAN news because they're thinking of doing a story on it. She said they were going to wait to do the story this weekend..they probably need more cars to get hit to make the story better.

Bad Thing #3? Great, now I'm going to have to worry about what the third thing will be.

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Sara Lamb said...

LOL that does suck! Look at #2 as two bad things and you have 3! Not only did your car window get smashed in, but the idiots didn't steal anything! That means that you don't get any money from the insurance company (for new radio, new CDs, new jewelry - whatever it is that thieves steal), you just have to fork over the money for a new window!
LOL I don't know if that is going to come across as more depressing, or just silly! Hehe I vote for silly? :-)