Thursday, August 7, 2008

8 Months Old

Jake is now 8 months old and 71 pounds. I finally got a new camera so I should be posting updates more frequently.

He's annoyed that I'm on the computer and not paying attention to him

He doesn't like being made fun of

The reason he doesn't sleep in the bed with us..he takes up half of it


Keri said...

he's getting so big! And don't worry- 1 of my dogs is less than half of him and still demands to take up half the bed!

Tabatha said...

Yup. Riley (and all 24 pounds of him) likes to take up the entire bed, too. I think it's a dog thing.

Sara Lamb said...

LOL! I love the picture of you husband and Jake "snarling" LOL priceless!