Thursday, September 3, 2009

First tooth and First fever..

Caroline's first tooth broke through yesterday. I knew she was showing all of the signs of teething but thought it was a bit early for a tooth to actually come in. I guess I was wrong. There's not much to see yet but I can definitely feel it. We are very greatful that we made it through the first tooth breaking through without any sleepless nights or major fussiness. (knock on wood!) Maybe she'll be as laid back about teething as she is about everything else.

She experienced her first fever last night. After her bath Mario put her in her jammies and was feeding her when he noticed that she was shivering and her hands were blue. She was dozing off and we tried to wake her but she kept falling right back to sleep (she's usually asleep by that time anyway) so we had a minor freak out and called the pedi's after hours line. Her pedi called back within 5 minutes and we explained her symptoms. She told us to take her temperature so we did and it was 102. She said to give her Tylenol and come in first thing in the morning. We gave her the Tylenol and she was back to normal within 30 minutes. She woke up this morning and was her normal, smiling self.

We went to the pedi's office and I felt kind of dumb for taking her in because she was perfectly fine. They couldn't find anything wrong with her but said that several viruses have been going around. If she's fever free for the rest of the day she can go back to daycare tomorrow.

I guess the bonus of taking her to the pedi's office was that we got to see how much she weighs. She's up to 16lbs 9oz.

I hope the fever was just a fluke because we're planning on taking Caroline to her first Bobcat football game on Saturday and we have free tickets for the Round Rock Express game on Monday.

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2H2L said...

I'm so glad she improved so quickly - I can't imagine how scary that wasy!

Yay for her first tooth! Just wait, #2 will show up in no time. :)