Monday, February 28, 2011

McFatty Monday is back..

Okay y'all, I fell off the wagon BIG time!! I said on here that I was off the wagon for the holidays and that I would get back on track in January..that didn't happen..partly because of what was going on with Mario, partly because I lost all motivation.

My goal during my break was to at least maintain and stay around 180. That didn't happen! My last McFatty Monday weigh-in was on Nov. 8th and I was at 182.6. This morning I was at 195.8!! Ugh. I gained over 13 pounds in less than 4 months.

This is crazy! I refuse to hit 200 again so it's time to get my butt in gear. I brought out my size 12's and packed up the 10's that I've been trying to squeeze into.

Starting today I'm tracking my calories again using My Fitness Pal and I'm trying to stay under 1200, plus what I earn from working out. I'm going to start walking again and then I'll start the C25K over again. I need to look better by swimsuit season and it's quickly approaching!

Starting weight: 195.8

Starting picture


KJJ Houston said...

I cant image with everything you have been through that it was ever easy to stay focused on that, your hubs was #1! Now that he is better you can get back but you still look GREAT and you are skinnier than me :) Do you weigh yourself in the morning or night? Of course Im the smallest # in the morning, so I like that best. Since Feb 1st I dont eat any more after dinner, basically after 6: 30 ish I dont eat anymore (just water) so I assume by morning thats why it has such a better number than night time. For example this morning 209.4 and last night before I went to bed it was 212.2. So I guess Im somewhere between both? I just want to be under 200 like you!! I started at 226 or 230, I did see my scale say 230 at one point and so thats when I was like no way in hell. But when I weighed myself at the gym it was 226, so any who it was one of those starting #.s
Any who you can do it! One size up in jeans is no biggie!! I looked last night at some profiles and people have lost 200 pounds+ looking at those last night keeps me going!! Plus to know like you said summer is here in a few months!

KH said...

I think myfitnesspal doesn't even remember who I am, it's been so long!

Amy J. said...

I'm so glad that M is doing so great! You've had quite a rough couple of months, so in the grand scheme of things, 13lbs is no big deal at all - you still look fantastic!

I've also fallen off the wagon since the beginning of the year and gained 7lbs back. I'm back on it this week as well, and glad you are too. You've been such an inspiration to me, and I know you will continue to be!