Tuesday, March 13, 2012

House tour..

I’ve seen some other people do a house tour and I was bored while working from home one day so I decided to take pictures. Here goes..

This was taken standing right inside the front door. The “study” is on the right and the formal dining room is straight ahead.
March 2012 001
Here’s the entrance to what used to be the study and is now the playroom.
March 2012 002
I am a horrible photographer, but here are some pictures of the playroom.
March 2012 003
March 2012 004
March 2012 005
Here’s the formal dining room. I love the big square table. My parents bought it for us as a housewarming gift.
March 2012 006
This is the hallway to the left of the dining room. Two bedrooms, the laundry room (which leads to the garage), and a bathroom are off of this hallway.
March 2012 007
Here’s “Caroline’s” bathroom. We only use it to potty and store her towels and stuff..she showers and takes baths in our bathroom.
March 2012 008
Caroline’s room is straight down the hallway.
March 2012 009
This room is used for changing clothes and playing..she sleeps in our bed. We still have a changing pad even though she’s out of diapers..that’s where I put lotion on her and get her dressed after baths.
March 2012 011
Her bed is used to store stuffed animals.
March 2012 012
The princess box in her closet holds all of her dress up clothes.
March 2012 013
When you walk back down the hallway and take a right, this is where you end up.
March 2012 014
Here’s the kitchen..I need to figure out what to put on top of the cabinets and on the plant ledge.
March 2012 015
Here’s the eat-in area..that’s my Wal-Mart table from college.
March 2012 016
Here’s one side of the living room. I really want to do a much bigger picture display over the couch some day.
March 2012 017
Here’s the other side.
March 2012 018
Here’s one side of our bedroom. I would love to get a king sized bed!
March 2012 019
Here’s the other side..we don’t have much furniture in here and we don’t have a tv in the bedroom.
March 2012 020
And..that’s about it..you’ve seen our backyard recently..and you’re not going to see the guest room..it’s a collection place for a lot of stuff.

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Megan said...

You have a beautiful home!! I love Caroline's room, the stripes are so pretty! I think it's so fun to see in other people houses without being a stalker :)