Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday parties..

The weather turned cold and rainy just in time for the weekend..and just in time for two outdoor birthday parties that we were supposed to attend. The first one was moved from the backyard to inside the house and everything was still fun! Caroline was super shy at first because she hadn’t seen these friends in a while, but she warmed up pretty quickly and didn’t want to leave. They had a banana split bar and it was SO good! Thanks for having us K! Unfortunately, I left my camera at home because we were running late. Sad smile

Saturday night, my friend and I left the girls with our husbands and went out shopping for the joint birthday party that is happening at the end of the month. We got most of what we we just need to hope for good weather because it’s supposed to be at a park.

This morning we went to Faith’s birthday party at the Jumpy Place in Kyle. It was also supposed to be outside but mother nature did not cooperate. We had a blast today also and I think everything went smoothly despite the last minute change of plans.

I did take my camera today.
March 2012 030
March 2012 036
March 2012 075
March 2012 079
March 2012 085
March 2012 093
We got home and the weather actually turned out to be really nice. The backyard playscape dried off pretty quickly so we got to get some outdoor playtime in this weekend. Caroline wanted us to hang her baby swing.
March 2012 102
March 2012 095
In other news, we have the next weigh-in for the weight loss challenge this week and I’m dreading it! I am so off track y’all..and I’m having a hard time finding motivation. I am still going strong with Zumba and I love it. Food is another story!

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