Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flat Head..

Mario and I have noticed for a while that the back of Caroline's head is pretty flat. We brought it to our pediatrician's attention at her 2 month appointment and she said she wasn't very concerned but gave us a referral to Cranail Technologies to do an evauation for Plagiocephaly.
We went to the evaluation on Tuesday and they said she has moderate Brachycephaly, meaning her head is flat straight accross the back and not just on one side. They recommended that we put Caroline in a DOC Band (helmet) for 6-8 weeks to help round out the back of her head. She would have to wear the band for 23 hours a day.

Mario and I are very torn about whether or not to get the band. I have done a lot of research and many websites say that her head will round out on it's own, despite what Cranial Tech told us. They said her head is probably not going to get any better on its own but it probably won't get any worse. I don't think Caroline's head looks that bad and don't know that it's worth it to get the band, but we're concerned that if we don't get it we may regret that decision when Caroline is older.

I called her pediatrician to see if we could go over the results and get her opinion or a referral to a specialist for a second opinion and she said to just wait until Caroline's 4 month appointment on August 4th and we would discuss things then.

Here are some pictures of Caroline's head. What do you think?


The Katanicks said...

Hey girl, I read your post but could not respond from my phone... I think her nead looks fine and would wait to talk with your pedi. I have seen babies with a much flatter head than that and they did not need helmets.
Keep us posted :)

Bobcatsteph said...

Thanks Kristi, we're definitely leaning toward not doing the helmet. We are really limiting her time on her back now that she can sit in the Jumperoo and Bumbo. I'll keep everyone updated.