Wednesday, July 22, 2009

16 Weeks Old..

Caroline turned 16 weeks old yesterday..I cannot believe that she's almost 4 months old! She rolled from belly to back for the first time yesterday. She only did it once and I thought I caught it on video but I apparently hadn't pushed the record button I really think she must be teething because everything goes into her mouth and she has been drooling like crazy. She's still "talking" a lot and she's started looking at the pictures in the books that we read her and "talking" to them.

She always smiles at the people and babies at her daycare when we drop her off and she seems really excited to see us in the afternoons when we pick her up. The ladies there just love her..they fight over who gets to hold Caroline when they go outside everyday.

Her sleep schedule is back on track..she's actually not even waking up on her own in the morning..we have to wake her up to get ready for daycare. She is definitely a morning person though..she's all smiles when we unwrap her from the swaddle. Here are some pictures from this week. Check out the shutterfly site for all of the pictures.

We set up her high chair so she can practice sitting in it. We plan on starting rice cereal after her 4 month appointment. Her pedi says it will help with the spitting up/mild reflux.

Frustrated that she can't get the toy in her mouth fast enough

Check out her first ponytail
She loves to stare at this iron thing that is above the couch
You can see her flat head here. We're going to talk to her pedi about that whole situation at her 4 month appt. We have greatly limited her time on her back.

With her grandma at Mario's softball game

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