Saturday, July 11, 2009

14 Weeks and 4th of July..

We hosted both families for the 4th of July this year. We were off on Friday so we took Mario's family to the Texas Capitol to walk around. On Saturday we bbqed at our house then everyone loaded up to go watch the fireworks in Kyle. Caroline slept through the fireworks until the very end. She was able to see about 5 minutes worth and was in awe. The sound didn't scare her at all.

Hanging out in the car before going into the Capitol

Caroline spent most of the tour in the Bjorn and she did really well

One of Mario's cousins in the chief of staff for a Representative so we got to sit in the rep's chair. Here's Caroline with Aunt Debra.
Here's a group shot of all of us..Caroline was not happy
Sitting in someone's seat on the House floor

"watching" the fireworks
Here's Caroline at 14 weeks..funny face
Pretty much any time anything gets near her mouth she tries to eat it now
Playing with her toes
She's starting to drool at lot more nowAttitude already
Mario's parents brought a giant watermelon from Pearsall

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