Wednesday, October 14, 2009

28 Weeks and a Flat Head Update..

Miss Caroline turned 28 weeks old yesterday. I can't believe she's already halfway through her 6th month! We took the day off yesterday so we could take her to a follow-up appointment with the cranial facial surgeon. They wanted to take more pictures of her head to see if she's making progress (rounding out) on her own. Honestly, her head looks the same to me..I can't tell the difference at all. The doctor said she could tell a slight difference and they want to do another follow-up at 8.5 months. I really don't know why we're continuing to follow-up..we know we're not going to do a helmet and her case is purely cosmetic. I guess it's just nice to have reassurance that a helmet is not needed in her case.

The shrieking and mood swings are continuing. Caroline has not been her normal self the past few days and I'm hoping this isn't a permanent change. I think she might be teething again because she is drooling even more than normal, she doesn't seem as interested in solids anymore, she has a rash on her cheeks (she had this last time her teeth came in), and she is not consistently sleeping well at night.

Mario is on his first business trip since becoming a dad and I'm playing the role of a single mom until Friday evening. I've known from the start that he was a great dad, but I didn't realize how much I rely on him to help with Caroline. I had to sing If You're Happy and You Know It all the way to daycare this morning and she would start crying as soon as I stopped.

I haven't taken any pictures since my last update on Saturday. There will definitely be pictures after this weekend though. Caroline and I are going to be in a parade on Saturday! Her daycare is going to have a float at the Kyle Fair and Music Fest. The weather is supposed to be awesome this weekend..72 and sunny on Saturday..perfect weather for Caroline's first parade and fair.

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