Sunday, January 24, 2010

42 Weeks Old

Caroline turned 42 weeks old last least I'm posting about it within the right week. ;) Not much is new with Miss Caroline. She's an expert at pulling up and she's just starting to cruise a little bit. She loves to bother the dog in her walker. She can wave bye and shake her head no. She loves dancing with daddy and taking baths. She gets so excited when she hears that water running. We have a few purees left that we've been sending to daycare for lunch. Once those are gone she will be on all finger foods. We usually give her a little of whever we're having for dinner. She'll try anything once.

Here are some pictures. Last weekend we went to the San Antonio Zoo for the second time. She was much more interested in the animals this time. She has the cutest little facial expression and a sound that sounds like "woah" whenever she sees an animal.

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