Monday, January 4, 2010

9 months!!

This is a little late but it's almost impossible to find time to write a blog at home anymore. Caroline is fast..and wants to get into everything! Let's see if I can remember what's new since the last time I posted..I should start keeping a list.

  • She's!
  • She just started pulling up on things
  • She runs in her walker
  • She says mama, dada, papa (for food), baba, and a swear she says some version of what's that
  • She has really been testing out her voice lately..she loves to scream (not out of anger, but out of excitement)
  • She is becoming more friendly with strangers again and "shows off" for them
  • Her face is so's too funny
  • She is more brave about not wanting to do things..she'll arch her back and get mad..this has made diaper changes more difficult..she wants to twist and turn the whole time
  • She's still sleeping in the bed with us..I don't know when that's going to end..we didn't even try to put her in the crib over Christmas break like we had planned
  • She's eating more solid foods but we still give her purees
  • She's getting better at using a sippy cup
  • She can hold her bottle and sometimes prefers that to having us feed her
  • For baths, she sits in the tub and she loves it!
Now for the pictures.

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

What a cutie, they get so big so fast! Madi is fast to we have gates up to 'rein' her in!