Monday, January 25, 2010

McFatty Monday..week 3

I was shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning, I lost 5.8 lbs. this week! Wow. I haven't changed anything, I'm still eating healthy and doing the Wii Active 30 Day Challege. I guess it's all catching up with me and it's really paying off. I have now gone 3 weeks without cheating at all! The key for me is to not have anything bad in the house. Like I've said before, I'm lucky that my husband is totally on board and supportive.

I entered my food into Sparkpeople for a few days last week to make sure that I was staying within my calorie goals and I have been right on track. It's cool that using Sparkpeople really taught me how to make healthy choices.

I can't walk through the office at work without someone stopping me and telling me how much weight I've lost and asking how I've done it. I'm definitely self conscious about everyone staring at me, but I also love it because it's keeping me accountable. I know when the comments stop that I've been slacking.

Weight loss this week: 5.8 lbs.
Total weight loss so far: 11.5 lbs.


Keri said...

Great job!

Blair said...

Great job!!! It's funny how it'll catch up with you really fast and BAM! you lose a ton of weight after stalling.

I am waiting for those comments - the good thing about being freakishly tall? I can add 10 lbs & nobody notices. The bad thing? I can take off 10 lbs & nobody notices!

Keep up the amazing work!!

Elisa said...

Wow! That is great!!

I haven't been so good in the food department. Working out, yes, but then I feel like I earned that margarita or enchilada!!

Kudos to you!!!

Karina Vader said...

Good job!!! Keep it up.

metta1313 said...

This gives me hope that perhaps my body is just waiting to catch up, and next week I will have a loss instead of nada like this week. Congrats on your success and I'm going to check out that site you speak of.

KH said...

Wow, that's great! I ordered the active game after reading your posts about it...I hope it helps me burn some baby weight off in a few months. :)