Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kyle Fair and Music Fest..

 We had a busy and fun weekend. We went to the Kyle Fair and Music fest. Unfortunately, Caroline was three inches too short to ride any of the rides..but she still had fun watching everyone, listening to the music, and playing on the playground in the park. She entertained everyone with her dancing.

We went to the parade on Saturday morning and she loved seeing the marching bands..and the horses. Whenever she sees a horse, she makes a clicking sound with her tongue because of the way the hooves sound on the pavement.


J said...

This is kind of a weird comment, but where did you get Caroline's jeans in these photos? They are cute and look like the style that would fit my daughter well, but I'm having trouble finding any!

Stephanie said...

They're from The Children's Place. I love their stuff!

KH said...

Lol, how cute that she mimics the horse noises!