Monday, October 11, 2010

McFatty Monday..week 40

Okay, I am trying to get back on track after gaining almost 3 pounds this week! I am bloated right now, but I'm not using that as an excuse because I've been eating like crap and deserve to gain 3 pounds. This is the reason that I was so against cheating for the first 5 or so months..I'm a very all or nothing person. I started with just small cheating every now and then, then just cheating on the weekend, now pretty much eating what I want and snacking too much.

I started tracking my calories again today..and I'm already 250 over. :( That's with me actually making an effort to not snack as much.

Current weight: 179.8..I cannot get to 180!
Weight GAINED this week: 2.8 pounds!!
Total weight lost so far: 63.9 pounds


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Don't worry you will get it off! I'm worried about all the baking that goes on during the Holidays, so good, but soooo bad for you!

Richard and Carisa said...

you have been such an inspiration, Ive been eating better and lost 1.8 this week! And love love love the bagels you told me about. When HEB was sold out this week, I went to two others grocery stores to find them :) And bought extras to freeze just incase.