Friday, March 4, 2011

23 Months?!

Wow, in less than a month I will have a 2 year old! I can't believe she's already going to be 2..and I can't believe she's only going to be 2. I really never could have imagined how much I would love being a mom. She has been such a great child so far (and I hope she continues to be). She's so fun, upbeat, outgoing, cheerful, loving..she's great!

Caroline is definitely a mommy's girl..she will reach for me over anyone else in the room most of the time. She's not anti-anyone else though. She loves everyone. She has become pretty attached to my parents and my brother and sister. They really stepped up when Mario was in the hospital to help out and I love that Caroline got to know them so much better. We always said we would let he decide what my parents would be called and she calls my dad 'baca' and my mom 'grandma.' We don't know where 'baca' came from, but she's very consistent with it.

She's starting to put together 3-5 word sentences now and it's so cute. She laughs out loud and things she watches on TV...and counts along with Nick Jr. when they're counting things. She doesn't like to be dirty and gets concerned when there's grass or something on the floor (Mario's made her neurotic already..jk). She's looking forward to reuniting with her friends and moving up to the 2 year old room at school. She's a few months younger than her older friends and a few months older than the kids in her class now.

She loves to be outside and we try to go to a park several times a week. Here are some pictures from yesterday at a local neighborhood park.

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