Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I planned on posting a recap of our week at the beach on Sunday but I was busy stocking up on clean foods and prepping meals and snacks for the week.

Anyway. I was so nice to get away for a week but I will say that vacation with a 2 1/2 year old is not much of a vacation. Haha. It was fun though and Caroline was everyone’s entertainment all week.

We got to the beach house a little before my parents so we unloaded all of our stuff onto the deck and decided to fly Caroline’s kite.
Galveston 2011 005
Galveston 2011 007
Here’s a view of the house from the beach.
Galveston 2011 021
Caroline helped Baca grill.
Galveston 2011 030
We went walking on the beach at night and it was so peaceful..and dark..I wore my brother’s headlamp.
Galveston 2011 049
Caroline tried out the headlamp too.
Galveston 2011 057
We spent a few hours in the morning at the beach, then headed to the house for lunch and naps, and headed back out to the beach in the late afternoon-early evening.
Galveston 2011 073
Galveston 2011 082
Galveston 2011 088
We did actually get Caroline to nap in an inflatable boat under the canopy a couple of times.
Galveston 2011 092
Bringing toys was a good idea!
Galveston 2011 114
Galveston 2011 134
Movies were a good idea also! We watched the Jungle Book no less than 5 times.
Galveston 2011 132
What contributed to my weight gain.
Galveston 2011 131
Washing her hands..she wasn’t a fan of being dirty..if we put sand on our legs etc., she would say “eww Mommy..yucky, wash it off.”
Galveston 2011 142
See our kite? We left it flying the whole week and it was gone when we woke up the last day. Sad smile
Galveston 2011 144
Galveston 2011 182
Galveston 2011 192
Galveston 2011 196
Looking for crabs on the last night..we bought flash lights.
Galveston 2011 220

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