Monday, December 12, 2011

Dancing queen..

Caroline’s dance studio had a float in the Budafest parade on Saturday and I rode with her. It was freezing! I don’t have any good quality pictures because I forgot to put the memory card in the camera. Oops.

After the parade, the different dance classes performed outside. By the time Caroline’s class was up, she was tired and asking for her paci and milk so I didn’t know how it would go. She stood up there with a pouty face and didn’t move at all. Haha.

Tonight was the last night of dance until after the new year so they did in-studio performances and Mario and my mom came to watch. They practiced before going to the room where they were going to perform and Caroline did great. She had fun walking in line to the other room.
2011-12-12 December 2012 002
They all lined up and got ready to dance (notice how much taller she is than the other girls in her class).
2011-12-12 December 2012 009
They started dancing and she didn’t move. She was just looking around at everyone. She refused to dance to wheels on the bus, which is one of her favorite songs. Poor thing gets stage fright.
2011-12-12 December 2012 016
She didn’t dance for the second dance either.

They headed back to their classroom and got to pick out costumes to wear for the last few dances. She was back to her normal, playful self.
2011-12-12 December 2012 017
2011-12-12 December 2012 019


Megan said...

Well at least she looks adorable :)

KH said...

She looks so cute!