Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas..a little late

We left for Mario’s hometown the Friday before Christmas..and we knew we wouldn’t be back home until late Christmas Eve, so we went ahead and left out milk and cookies for Santa.
December 2011 004
Caroline had a great time with her cousins.
December 2011 011
There were presents taking over the living room! (notice Mario’s senior picture on the
December 2011 012
Caroline opened the first of many princess themed, I said we were not doing the princess thing before she was born.
December 2011 023
We got back home at about 11pm on Christmas Eve and Caroline was sound asleep so we put her to bed and Santa got to work.
December 2011 028
December 2011 029
We woke her up in the morning (because she will sleep until 9!) and she was so excited! She picked out a princess dress and shoes from her trunk of dress-up clothes.
December 2011 033
We checked out the stocking.
December 2011 035
Yay for Foofa shoes!
December 2011 039
All of her pink loot.
December 2011 044
We got dressed and headed over to my parents’ house to see what Santa dropped off there.
December 2011 048
Caroline was more interested in passing out everyone else’s presents that opening her own. I’ve always played “Santa” and passed out the gifts..I guess she takes after me.

My parents are awesome and got us some great stuff! We got a blu-ray DVD player with WiFi and it is awesome! You can listen to your Pandora stations, stream Netflix, get on Facebook..we’ve been having lots of fun during our week off!
December 2011 067
After we got things somewhat cleaned up, my dad brought out the other gift that Santa brought. She kept asking Santa for a pink car..and he brought one! She LOVED it!
December 2011 068
December 2011 072
December 2011 080

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Megan said...

She made out like a bandit! Madi got a lot of princess stuff too, what are you going to do :)