Tuesday, August 11, 2009

19 Weeks and Flat Head Update..

Caroline is 19 weeks old today. She has officially moved on from the Soothie pacifiers. She uses the clear Avent ones now and she's learned how to grab the handle and pull it out of her mouth. She tries to put it back in but usually ends up sucking on the side or back of it..it's cute. She has been drooling so much and there is always something in her mouth..either fingers or toys. She's really been going to town on Sophie lately. Her pedi said it could be teething or it could just be that she's exploring things with her mouth.

As you saw last week, she started solids. We did rice cereal for a few days and she was waking up screaming 1-2 times a night. I think she had bad gas. She just spits out gas drops so those don't help us. I called her pedi and she said to stop the solids for a week then start back and see how it goes. Yesterday was her second day without the cereal and she still woke up once. I know I shouldn't complain but it's really not like her to wake up in the middle of the night. Maybe she's going through the infamous 4 month wakeful.

We had Caroline's appointment with the craniofacial surgeon today. They said her case is purely a cosmetic issue and she doesn't have any facial assymetry. They said they want us to contine keeping her off of the back of her head as much as possible. We were basically told to pack away the swing (which she hasn't used in over a month anyway) and to leave the car seat in the car when we go places and just wear her (which we've also been doing). They don't recommend even doing a helmet (when it is needed) until 6 months. They said that Cranial Tech pushes so hard because they are making money off of the helmets and if they can get babies in helmets earlier there is a chance that they could get people to pay for more than one helmet treatment to get "even better" results. They said that Caroline's head can definitely correct itsself without a helmet and they want us to go back in 2 months to measure the progress. We feel much more comfortable in our decision to not do the helmet right now.

Now for some pictures from the week.

She likes to stick her hands out of the holes in the swaddle blanet. When she has been waking up at night I hear her grunting and struggling to get her arms out of the swaddle blanket...I wonder if we're nearing the end of swaddling.
Here she is attempting to put the pacifier back in her mouth.
You can see the flatness of her head in this picture.
Trying to figure out what the things on her feet are.

Sporting her shades.
My birthday gift. I have a feeling you're going to start seeing a lot of movies here now.


2H2L said...

That's great news! I'm glad you could get the second opinion and more info. She is getting so big! I love the swaddle pictures with her little hands sticking out, loL!

Natalie and Daniel said...

Thank you for the update on you LO's head! We are waiting until my son's 6 month appointment too before we make a final decision on his helmet. But we are leaning towards not getting one and just keeping him off of his head, too. Natalie

Elisa said...

I love the picture of her swaddled! So cute! DS used to do that too, but we have since broken the swaddle habit, thank goodness.

Glad to hear her head is not condsidered severe. DS had a very flat spot on his head, but since we have been putting him on his belly for all naps and nighttime sleep, he now has a normal looking head. I think once you no longer swaddle her it will get better if you let her sleep on her tummy.

TO answer your question about where Britton constipated from starting solids, I am thinking yes. We started solids on Monday and he has yet to poop. His toots also smell to high heaven. Did it get better for CAroline by waiting a week?

Bobcatsteph said...

I'm so afraid to stop swaddling. She sleeps so well now. Did you do it cold turkey?

We're in the middle of the one week break right now. We'll start again on Monday.

Elisa said...

It was an accident when we stopped swaddling. ;) He fell asleep on his tummy in his crib before I could get him swaddled. And I didn't want to wake him. So I just left him and he still STTN.

I was terrified of how I was going to wean him, but thankfully, it happened the way it did. Now he uses a Sleep Sack. We have the Angel Care Monitor and it really helps ease my mind with the tummy sleeping.

B STILL hasn't pooped and it's now Fri night. I'm thinking I may mix prunes in with his next round of cereal.

Anonymous said...

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