Tuesday, August 18, 2009

20 weeks old and a trip to Houston..

We had a busy weekend. I have lots of pictures to share so I'll just write about the weekend in the captions of the pictures.

Caroline's still getting used to her doorway jumper. I think this is definitely something she will be able to use for several more months.
Friday was my 27th birthday. Mario and Caroline made me a sign. We went to dinner with my family at the Texican. We went there for my birthday last year and that's where we told them I was pregnant. We then went back to our house and had cake. We celebrated on Thursday because we were heading to Houston on Friday.
Caroline dressed and ready for the trip to Houston.
In the car on the way. I don't know if I've talked about it before but the pink thing has a hole in the middle of it. It's supposed to take some of the pressure off of the back of the head and help prevent flatness.
We went to dinner on Friday with my grandparents, my great aunt and uncle, and my aunt and cousin. Only my grandparents had met Caroline before. Here she is with her Great Great Aunt Becky. Caroline was very well behaved as usual. She's a pro at going to restaurants. We do end up holding her most of the time because we want to keep her off of her head. I can't wait until she can sit in a high chair.
After dinner we went to my grandparent's house and had cake and ice cream.
Hanging out at the hotel.
Getting ready to head to the hotel pool.
I guess bathing suit season is almost over at Babies R Us. This is the only suit that was in Caroline's size. It's not the color I would have picked out but it worked.

The hotel pool was indoors..and freezing! She was in the water for less than 5 minutes. We were disappointed in the water temperature because we had planned on hanging out at the pool for a while.

The reason we were in Houston was for my college roommate's wedding reception. The dress I brought for Caroline to wear ended up being too small. I had to run to the mall to find something else. Mario stayed at the hotel with Caroline and started playing with the camera.
We went to lunch at Mario's Flying Pizza..we always pass by it when we go to Houston and Mario wanted to try it. We let Caroline gum a piece of crust for a few minutes. She didn't eat any of it but enjoyed gumming it.
I thought this was cute even though Caroline shouldn't be watching tv. There's not much to do at a hotel though.

I didn't take many pictures at the wedding reception becuase I was busy holding Caroline. I didn't even get any pictures of her in her dress. She ended up drooling all over it so we changed her into a onesie. She was very well behaved and laughed and smiled a lot.
On Sunday we decided to head down to Galveston to show Caroline the beach. We had originally just planned to walk down by the water and leave but at the last minute we decided to put on our swimsuits and get in the water.

Caroline loved the water. We took turns sitting with her right where the water comes in. She loved touching the sand and feeling the water on her legs.

I thought this was cute.

We stopped at a store on the way out of Galveston and bought this onesie. It says "Don't be a Litterbug, Keep Galveston Island Beautiful."


2H2L said...

She has such great head control now, and I love the pictures where she's turned making eye contact. :) I see Sophie is y'all's traveling partner, too!

Jessica said...

Hi there - I think I got your blog address off The Bump. I enjoy reading - I have a daughter who is almost 12 weeks old. Your Caroline sure is a cutie!