Tuesday, August 25, 2009

21 weeks (4 3/4 months)..

Miss Caroline is 21 weeks old today. She'll be 5 months old on Monday and I can't believe it!

Our always happy, smiling baby is starting to experience some separation anxiety. When someone else holds her she gets a big pouty lip and tears start streaming down her face. It's cute and sad at the same time.

We're moving right along with solids. We did rice cereal mixed with bananas, then just bananas last week. She didn't seem overly interested and wouldn't really take more than a few bites. This weekend we started sweet potatoes and she loves them! She can eat a tablespoon at a time. I can't get the spoon into her mouth fast enough. She grabs for it. I'm not sure what we're going to try next. Maybe something that isn't so sweet.

She either forgot how to roll over or is just refusing to do it anymore. I guess we should enjoy her being immobile for now. She has started lifting her arms and legs while she's on her tummy..it looks like she's paddling on a surfboard.

We tried putting her to bed with her arms unswaddled last night becuase she always seems like she's struggling to get her arms out and it was a big fail. She woke up at midnight. We reswaddled her with her arms down and she slept until we woke her up this morning.

Here are some pictures and captions from the past week.

Eating bananas

She has really started to notice Jake this past week. She likes to touch him. He's been great with her. He lets her grab his nose and he licks her toes.

She started tripod sitting this week. She can stay up for about 30 seconds at a time.

She reaches for us all the time..pretty much anytime we put her down.

Caroline had her second play date with her friend Kadence. Kadence is 6 weeks younger than Caroline. It's cute to see them look at each other.

Here they are when Caroline was almost 13 weeks and Kadence was almost 7 weeks.

Here they are now..Caroline is 21 weeks and Kadence is 15 weeks.
She went to her first birthday party this weekend but she was tired from her play date.
Yummy sweet potatoes.
We bought her a swing for the front porch. She's still a little small for it but she should be able to use it for a while.


2H2L said...

The picture where she's holding the spoon is so cute! And her tripod picture is just amazing, I can't believe she'll be 5 months already! She keeps getting more beautiful. :)
Ocho has really taken an interest in the dogs lately, too. Just wait until Caroline starts "talking" to them!

bobcatsteph said...

Thanks! Ocho is adorable also. I'm hoping that she will have a great relationship with Jake as she gets older.

Janae said...

I also love the picture of her holding the spoon! She is growing so fast! I can't believe she's almost 5 months!!!