Tuesday, December 1, 2009

34 Weeks and Thanksgiving..

Caroline is actually 8 months old today! I'm planning on doing her photo shoot this evening and I'll post her 8 month blog post either tonight or tomorrow.

We had a great Thanksgiving at home. My family came over along with my grandparents. Caroline was the center of attention the whole time, which she loves. She got to taste some mashed potatoes and a little turkey. We haven't really found anything that she doesn't like to eat.

Here are some pictures from the past week. I am so frustrated with blogger..I can't figure out how to type in between the pictures so I'll have to narrate them here..we fed her spaghetti for the first time last week. It stuck all over her and she loved playing with it. We took her to the mall to take pictures with Santa because we wanted to beat the rush..and we did. We waited maybe 10 minutes.

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2H2L said...

I love her picture with Santa! She's staring him down, huh? :)