Tuesday, December 15, 2009

37 weeks!!

Caroline has now been "on the outside" as long as she was "on the inside." I can't believe it. Time has definitely gone by much faster with her on the outside!

Parenting moves to a whole new level when your baby becomes mobile. Caroline never really rolled or scooted across the room..she would pretty much just stay where we put her and play with toys. Now that she's crawling, we have to chase her everywhere. She doesn't want to play with toys anymore, she wants to play with computer cords, the blinds on the back door, the dog's water bowl, electrical outlets, etc. It's time to baby proof!

It really is fun watching her crawl. She's definitely enjoying her newly found independence. Now she wants to try to pull up on everything. She hasn't quite mastered it yet..she can pull up to her knees but she hasn't figured out how to get onto her feet. I have a feeling that's coming very soon though.

Our next parenting goal is to get her sleeping in her crib again. She started from day 1 in the pack-n-play in our room and started sttn (sleeping through the night) at 8 weeks. At around 5.5 months we moved her to her crib and she did well in there for about a month, then she started waking up every few hours. We got lazy and started just bringing her to our bed when she would wake up because in our bed she was sttn. After a few weeks of that, we started just putting her in our bed from the start. She sleeps great in our bed..but we don't! We woke up yesterday and she was sideways with her head digging into my ribs and her feet digging into Mario's ribs. We've decided that we really need to make the move back to the crib sooner rather than later. Last night we put her to bed in her crib and she lasted until about 3:30, when we got lazy again and brought her to our bed. I'll let you know how it goes tonight.

I almost forgot..she's now "dancing." She rocks back and forth when she hears a song she likes..it's too cute!

Now for the pictures..


lyndamf said...

Look at her go! Love it! And Dax loves to rock to music too!

Tabatha said...

Geez...she is getting so big already!! And those two bottom teeth are adorable!!!!