Wednesday, December 2, 2009

8 months!!

I can't believe that Caroline is already 8 months old. I wish that she could stay this age for a's just so fun. She is a little sponge already. Here's a list of what she's up to these days:

-She loves to clap..she does it all the time! She goes to bed clapping and wakes up clapping. It is adorable!
-She's still sleeping in our bed. We're going on a month and a half now. It's nice because she sleeps all night but I really want to move her to her crib soon..maybe over Christmas break because we won't have to get up in the morning.
-She will eat pretty much anything. She loves feeding herself and she loves puffs! When we eat she stares at the food and makes a grunting noise when she wants some. She sits at the table with us during meals and she feeds herself snacks.
-Her two bottom teeth are all the way through (as you've seen in pictures) and I felt her gums on Monday and she had 3 top teeth that had just broken through!! She's an awesome teether (knock on wood).
-She is so close to crawling. She gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She wants to crawl so bad.
-She scoots backwards and she's getting pretty fast at it.
-She is such a happy baby! Sometimes she'll just look at us and start laughing. She thinks everything is hilarious. She definitely lights up our lives.
-She has mastered the fake cry to get what she wants..she's a smart one. I think she's watched our reactions enough that she knows when to cry or laugh to get what she wants.
-We are looking forward to our first Christmas season with her! I love everything Christmas and I'm so excited to share everything with her.

Here are some pictures from our 8 month photo shoot yesterday.


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

what a cutie! I've tried to get madi to clap, but she just learned to "wave" now that is all she does!

2H2L said...

Caroline's too funny, lol. Amelie does the fake cry, peek and see if we're looking thing, too. It's so funny b/c it sounds different from her real cries. Happy 8 months! :)

The Katanicks said...

Happy 8 months Caroline! Crazy how fast time is going! Kinley is on the verge of crawling too, finally. She was just not very interested in being mobile.

Caroline is ADORABLE! Hope she has a wonderful first Christmas!