Tuesday, December 29, 2009

38 weeks, Christmas, and 39 weeks

I haven't blogged lately because we did a lot of traveling for Christmas. We went down to Pearsall on the 22nd, drove back home the night of the 24th, did Christmas at our house then my parent's house on Christmas morning, then drove to Houston that afternoon. We got back home Sunday evening then decided we needed to turn the study into a playroom. Our house looks like a toy store!

Let's see, what's new with Caroline? She started saying dada and mama last week. Dada was her offficial first word..boo. Ever since we got back from driving all over the place, she has had major separation anxiety! She only wants to be around me! Any time I leave the room she cries "mama mama." She doesn't even want to play with toys unless I'm on the floor playing with her. If I'm standing, she tries to climb up my leg. I hope she doesn't have a hard time when she goes back to daycare on the 4th. I'll post more of what she's been up to in her 9 month post on (or around) Thursday!!

Here are some pictures..


KH said...

I can't believe she's already said her first words! Sounds like y'all had a busy week, too. :) I love looking at her pictures b/c it seems like she's always smiling. :)

ashley said...

aww she's so cute in her pink hat!!