Tuesday, February 23, 2010

47 Weeks..

Caroline will be 11 months old this weekend..or early next week. This birthday on the 31st thing is still confusing to me. I think we'll do the pictures on Sunday.

She's in the 12-18 month room full time now at daycare. She seems to really love it. She is starting to drink her bottles in a sippy cup and sleeps on a nap mat while she's there. They get to play outside twice a day (weather permitting) and they do an art project every day. She's learned to throw things from the little boys in her class so she wants to throw anything that's round now.

I think she'll be walking within the next month. She can really move around using push toys and can crawl over and under almost anything. She just learned to open and close cabinets so we're going to have to babyproof those. She can also turn the tv, cable box, and DVD player on and off. She dances all the time..it's too cute.

Here are some pictures from this past week.
It's fun to watch her actually play
We got her this table and chair from Ikea for super cheap
The weather was awesome on Sunday so we spent some time outside
She did some swinging..she was smiling and laughing until I started taking pictures


Juicy said...

that face in the last picture! HA! awesome. "Mom, quit. I'm done with pictures."

note to self: get swings for the boys.

ashley said...

haha i agree!! the last picture is so awesome!! she is clearly done with pictures! lol