Monday, March 1, 2010

McFatty Monday..Week 8

Okay, here we go. Here's the history of my weight struggles...I've never been a tiny person. I'm 5'8" and I was a size 10 in high school. When I got to college, I gained the Freshman 50 (at least)! I started eating healthy and exercising my Sophomore year and lost some weight. Then I met my future husband. We both gained quite a bit of weight after we had been together for a few years. We were partying with friends 5 nights a week and eating out all the time. Before I knew it, I was 238 pounds! (I can't find any pictures on this computer of me at this weight)

I wasn't much smaller than that when we got engaged in 2006. I got serious about losing weight for the wedding and I used Sparkpeople to get down to about 185.

I got right back on track after the honeymoon and got down to about 175.

After a year of marriage, I was right around 185-190.

After the first year, we started talking about starting a family and I stopped eating as healthy and pretty much stopped exercising all together because I had the mindset that I was going to get pregnant anyway so it didn't matter (big mistake). By the time I got pregnant I was around 200.

This was taken a week before I got pregnant.

At my first appointment (at 6 weeks) my doctor's scale said 213.

This was on my birthday at about 4 weeks.

I gained SO much weight during my pregnancy. I felt sick during the first tri but never threw up and it seemed the only thing that would make me feel better was to I did. I continued to eat whatever I wanted through the rest of the pregnancy and my weight kept climbing. I think a combo of me not watching what I ate and the fact that my mom gained a lot of weight during her pregnancies (almost 100 pounds when she was pregnant with me..of course she started at 99 pounds) led to me getting HUGE!

The last time I looked at the scale at the doctor's office I was 285..and I delivered 3 weeks early!!! I kept bringing my weight up at my appointments but my OB wasn't concerned and said I would just have to work hard after the baby was born. I didn't take many pictures while I was pregnant and definitely didn't do any maternity pictures.

I really didn't do much to lose weight after Caroline was born. I was so busy taking care of her, then going back to work, that I kept making excuses to not do anything about how huge I was.I got down to about 260 pretty quickly after she was born but then I got stuck. I was kind of hoping the weight would just fall off but it wasn't.

Right around Thanksgiving, when Caroline was almost 8 months old, we had some professional pictures taken. Seeing these pictures is what really got me motivated to do something about this weight. I was about 250 at the time.

We bought a Wii and I got down to 243.7 by the end of the year. January 4th is when I started with the healthy eating and exercise full time. So far, I have lost 22.1 pounds and I weighed 221.6 this morning. Unfortunately I don't have any recent pictures to show you my progress but I have gone from a 20 to an 18, and now a 16. I have a whole wardrobe in 12-14 and I'm looking forward to wearing those clothes again.

There you have it, the story of my weight. It feels good to get the numbers out there. I'm hoping it will make me more accountable.

Weight loss this week: 0.6 pounds
Total weight loss so far: 22.1 pounds


ams33 said...

I love the picture story! Congrats on your weight loss. :)

Juicy said...

Uh, you definitely don't look like you weigh over 200 pounds. But good job on the weight loss, I wish I had the will power you have! Keep it up!

KH said...

You look beautiful in all of your pictures, but great job with the weight loss! My numbers aren't that far off from yours...and I'm shorter than you! Way to go and keep up the good work!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

you are like my twinkie! I could have almost written this post word for word!

Amy J. said...

I agree with juicy - you look lovely in all your pictures and wear your weight well. But major congrats on all you've accomplished with your hard work! You are really inspiring (my height/weight numbers are proportionately similar to yours, but I'm a little shorter than you).

And kudos for putting this out there - I know it couldn't have been easy but it really is inspiring and helpful to us other, lazy McFatties!

ashley said...

ditto that you look beautiful at all weights! congrats on the weight loss you've accomplished thus far and you can definitely do it again! keep it up!

p.s. - i love the picture story too. maybe one day i'll get up the courage to post some of the BAD photos from my heaviest.

Shahny said...

I liked the picture story too. I've been searching for pictures so I can tell a story too

Great job on the weight loss! and keep up the great work. We can do it!

Libby said...

You're totally inspiring, Stephanie! I've been attempting to lose weight since the beginning of January as well, and I've only lost 5 pounds. I've gotta get my butt in gear! Thank you for being so transparent and posting about your journey - it's amazing and you're doing so so well!! You looked beautiful when I met you for your photos and I'm sure you look even more amazing now.