Tuesday, August 31, 2010

17 Months!!

Wow, it really does feel like Caroline turned 1 yesterday. Where has the time gone!? Where has the Summer gone!? Why does time fly when you have kids?

Let's see..what's new with Miss Caroline this month?

  • She's talking more and more every day. I haven't even made a list of, or counted, the number of words she says.

  • She still signs all the time. I need to learn some new signs to teach her.

  • Her 18 month clothes are getting tight. I bought a bunch of 24 month stuff, but it's all long sleeved. I think we're going to have to find some clearance shorts and short sleeved shirts pretty soon.

  • She wears a size 6 shoe.

  • She does pretty well at using a fork and spoon, though she's still a very messy eater!

  • I think we figured out the cause of her face rash..we've narrowed it down to strawberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon. We've been avoiding those fruits and her face looks much better.

  • She is such a ham! She is not shy at all...she loves to be the center of attention and will talk to anyone. She likes to wave and say "hi" to everyone.

  • She loves to clean..she sweeps, swiffers, and vacuums (with her stroller). If she has a wipe or rag she wipes her face and arms and dusts the table and floors. I guess we've set a good example..let's hope she keeps it up!

  • Brushing her teeth is a battle! Please give me any tips you have for that!!

  • She still loves Yo Gabba Gabba..that's pretty much the only show she watches..we let her watch it when we get home while we're making dinner. She dances around the living room.

  • She loves music! She immediately starts dancing is she hears any kind of music..and she claps and says "yay" at the end of each song..she learned that at daycare.

  • She is doing really well at daycare. They love her and say she is just always so happy and her face is so expressive.

  • She is still a Mommy's girl! She loves to play with Mario, but she always wants me when she's tired, cranky, bored, hungry, etc. She hugs my legs and says "up up up mama".

  • I could go on and on, but I know you probably want to see pictures. These are from this weekend. She got to hang out with her cousins.

      Plugging her ears while everyone sang Happy Birthday..she kept saying "happy..happy..happy"

      She saw a baby in the stands at Mario's softball game..she loves babies

      Saying "cheese"

      She loves phones!


      Miss Madison's Mommy said...

      I know time is going to quickly!!! I miss my baby girl :) Madison loves to help clean too, she's even helping put all her toys away. Hope it lasts!!

      KH said...

      Love love love these pictures!!

      Jessica said...

      Interesting about the face rash...my daughter has one right now too. Did she eat those fruits before with no issues?