Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm a slacker..

I have been such a slacker about blogging lately. I didn't even post a McFatty Monday post last week..not that there was anything to report. I did the first two weeks of C25k, then got sick, then Caroline got sick, then I got sick again, then had family over for Thanksgiving..etc. etc. I'm not having a hard time coming up with excuses for not getting my butt in gear!

Anyway. We had a great Thanksgiving and I can't believe the weekend is already over and we have to go back to work tomorrow. Caroline is always a little more fussy than normal on Mondays and I'm sure this one will be worse than most. Speaking of being fussy, we have been dealing with some full blown tantrums lately..and apparently her teachers at school have been too. Ugh, I guess it's time to really parent huh? are some pictures from the past few days.

I'll have to do a post soon about Caroline's face rash. We've been dealing with it pretty much her whole life and we finally found something that will clear it up over night!


KJJ Houston said...

Is her rash exema or what is it? What did u find to clear it up I would be interested to know as Jack has similar

Stephanie said...

Yep, it's eczema. We got prescriptions for two hard core steriod creams and they are awesome! We finally got our pedi to give us a referral to a derm.

KH said...

Yay for the creams to help with excema! I'm glad the dermatologist was helpful. :). And yeah, "terrible" twos start before 24 months for sure! I only thought we'd seen hard headed before, lol!