Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dance class and McKenna Children’s Museum..

I know that I talked about Caroline’s Mommy and Me dance class that we did over the Summer but I’m not sure if I mentioned that we’re doing a 2 1/2 to 3 year old combo class (ballet, tap and tumbling) now through May. For the first class, they let the parents stay in the room and Caroline spent 90% of the time sitting in my lap watching everyone else. She refused to participate, which is not like her. Her allergies seemed to be bothering her so I chalked it up to her not feeling well.

The second class was this past week and the parents were not in the room. Before the class started, she was making up her own tap routine, running around with one of her friends in the class and goofing off. As soon as it was time for class to start, she freaked out. She was hysterically crying for several minutes and I was pretty close to going in there and getting her and asking for my money back. The teacher called for reinforcements and another teacher held her for the first 1/3 of the class to calm her down. I ended up telling them to try her paci and she finished the rest of the class with a paci in her mouth. She did participate, though she didn’t seem thrilled about it. She has been saying all week that she doesn’t want to go to dance class.

I want to stick it least for a little while longer because I think she will get used to it. I know she likes to dance because she pretends she has tap shoes on at home and “practices.” I guess my outgoing, friendly little girl is becoming more timid.

2011-09-12 September 11 001
We spent several hours today at the McKenna Children’s Museum in New Braunfels. It was awesome! Waayy better than the Austin Children’s Museum. It was super clean and had a lot of play areas..and a giant water table outside.

They have a grocery store with several carts, lots of items (that are organized and in good shape) and two registers.
2011-09-16 September 11 002
They have a space area..this is Caroline doing “blast off.”
2011-09-16 September 11 006
Here I am with the helmet on.
2011-09-16 September 11 009
They have a hospital with a newborn nursery. This is baby “Kyle”..every one of Caroline’s toys is “Kyle.”
2011-09-16 September 11 011
2011-09-16 September 11 012
They have an outdoor camping set up with canoes, tents, a fake fire, etc.
2011-09-16 September 11 015
They have a train table.
2011-09-16 September 11 016
2011-09-16 September 11 017
There is a ranch area with “bulls” and a chicken coop.
2011-09-16 September 11 021
There’s a house with dress up clothes..she was upset that she couldn’t find a “princess shirt” to go with her skirt so we turned the skirt into a dress.
2011-09-16 September 11 023
The water table was a big hit..I’m glad I brought extra clothes.
2011-09-16 September 11 027


Elisa B said...

That place looks like SO MUCH FUN!

And Caroline looks like a pro with "Kyle". She needs a sibling! ;)

Candice said...

Our son loves the McKenna Children's Museum! It's a little bit of a drive for us, but it's so much better than Austin's Children's Museum. Looks like she enjoyed herself :)

Megan said...

That museum looks so cool! I would totally stick out dance class, she'll get used to it!

KH said...

Cool! I didn't even know about this one, but it looks like Caroline had a blast! We'll have to check it out, too! :)