Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cooler weather..

I was actually below 100 all last week and we took advantage of it by finally playing outside.
2011-09-08 September 2011 005
2011-09-08 September 2011 008
2011-09-08 September 2011 013
Caroline did so well kicking the soccer ball around that we decided to sign her up for indoor soccer. Her first class was today and it was a big hit. It’s not an actual team at this age, it’s a bunch of games to teach them some of the soccer basics.
2011-09-08 September 2011 017
After passing by the local high school band practicing on the way to daycare every morning, we decided to take Caroline to a high school football game on Friday. She loved it! She loved the cheerleaders, the band and the mascot.
2011-09-09 September 2011 003
2011-09-09 September 2011 005
Mario and I went to a wedding yesterday and had a blast..I didn’t stick to clean eating while we were there so that’s my one cheat meal for a while. The zipper on the dress I was going to wear broke so I ended up having to wear another dress I have.
2011-09-09 September 2011 008
The forecast for this week is not pretty..we’re supposed to be over 100 almost every day..I’m so over this weather!

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Megan said...

I'm so over this weather too, ugh! I love that you signed her up for soccer, it's so much fun!