Monday, September 5, 2011

McFatty Monday..clean eating week 3

I’m still going strong with the clean eating and I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t clean all week. I did do a lot more snacking this week because I was craving sweets..which I’ll blame on it being that time of the month.

I stuck with the same schedule of coffee and a smoothie, then yogurt with berries, nuts, and honey, the a piece of fruit, then lunch. We grilled chicken again for the week and used that to make sandwiches for lunch. My afternoon snack was carrots and hummus and a piece of fruit and we tried some new dinner recipes.

I made this meatloaf this week and it was good. I just used extra lean ground beef.

Sparkpeople has a lot of clean eating recipes..or recipes that are easy to clean up. They seem to be hit or miss as far as taste goes. I made these roasted pork chops with apples and sweet potatoes and I do not recommend them! I did some baking using SP recipes and everything was pretty good. I made banana nut bread again with applesauce instead of oil and oatmeal raisin cookies with applesauce instead of oil and agave instead of the cane juice.

I made this carrot bread with agave instead of sucanat and applesauce instead of oil and and it was good.

I made this shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes and without the sour cream. It was pretty good.

My parents came over yesterday for a BBQ and we grilled bison burgers..I was nervous about eating bison but these were soo good! I also made potato salad and coleslaw..the potato salad had way too much olive oil..I’d make it again, but really reducing the amount of olive oil.

We made our first ever trips to Whole Foods and Central Market this, they both have so much good stuff. Whole Foods was overwhelming but I could see myself shopping at Central Market pretty often.

Current weight: 193.2
Weight lost this week: 1 pound
Weight lost since starting clean eating: 5.6 pounds

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Amber said...

Awesome job Stephanie. Your breads sound so yummy...I think I'm gonna have to try them out. Keep it up!