Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy week..

I realized today that I didn’t post a blog last weekend, which works out now because I can go ahead and include the pictures I took during the week this week.

Last Saturday we went hung out with some friends and watched the Texas Rangers game (good thing we are just bandwagoners because the Astros were out of it or we would be as upset as all of our friends over the loss on Thursday) and we had three 2.5-3 year olds at a house without kids. They found ways to entertain themselves though.

The dog crate was a big hit again.
October 2011 005
They rolled around on the floor.
October 2011 009
and they played dress-up.
October 2011 010
On Sunday we went to the Children’s Park in San Marcos. Caroline loves that park.
October 2011 002
October 2011 008
It was pretty hot when we got home so we got the water table out.
October 2011 019
Caroline drug her swing out of the garage..I need to see what the weight limit is for it.
October 2011 024
Everyone wore their costumes to dance class on Monday night. Aren’t they all just adorable?
October 2011 029
Thursday night was the annual Buda Halloween Festival. A cold front blew in right as we were walking out the door to drive to the festival so Caroline had to wear her jacket over her costume.
Buda Halloween 2011 003
Here’s the back of her costume.
Buda Halloween 2011 004
The trains were loud.
Buda Halloween 2011 008
They had trick-or-treating at all the little shops downtown. Caroline wanted to eat the candy as soon as they put it in her pumpkin..tomorrow night should be interesting!
Buda Halloween 2011 011
There was a tow truck that was painted just like Mater from Cars.
Buda Halloween 2011 019
We’re carving a pumpkin today when Caroline wakes up from her nap. She has a Halloween party at school tomorrow..and trick-or-treating tomorrow night. I’ll post pictures of all of that later this week.

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