Monday, October 24, 2011

McFatty Monday..clean eating week 10

I've gained a pound since last Monday. I ate (and drank) like crap this weekend. I have no self control over food when alcohol is involved. It's funny how your body starts to crave bad things after just one taste of something bad. I can definitely see how people fall off the wagon so easily.

Oh well. I was on track all last week and I walked 4 times. I've upped my pace to 4mph and I can definitely feel the burn. I'm back on track today..eating clean and tracking my calories. I was down to 187.8 on Saturday morning and I'm hoping to be back there by the end of this week.

Current weight: 191.2
Weight GAINED this week: 1 pound
Weight lost since starting clean eating: 7.6 pounds

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