Sunday, October 16, 2011

Three day weekend..

I took Friday off so we got the weekend started on Thursday night at the Kyle Fair. The carnival started Thursday and I guess people didn’t get the memo because we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We bought Caroline a wristband and she had a blast on all the rides.
2011-10-13 October 2011 004
2011-10-13 October 2011 011
2011-10-13 October 2011 019
I took Friday off to attend the Little Monsters Bash. It was the same fundraiser that was put on two years ago where I got the gorgeous picture of Caroline as a flower. This year Caroline is a zebra butterfly (from etsy) and I think she’s adorable.
October 2011 004
Lyndsay with Life in Motion Photography worked her magic again and got these great shots of Caroline in her costume (she was flapping her wings like a butterfly).
On Saturday morning we went to a parade through downtown Kyle. It was pretty lame this year..the bands didn’t even march! Caroline still had fun though.
October 2011 009
October 2011 014
We hung out with some friends on Saturday night and watched the Rangers game. They don’t have any kids, but they have a puppy and Caroline enjoyed watching a movie in the crate.
October 2011 018
My parents came over today and we watched the Texans game. They Caroline was still supporting them.
October 2011 020


Megan said...

Her outfit is just fabulous!!! Love all the pics of the cutie!

KH said...

Beautiful! I'm so bummed we weren't invited to the LMB this year. :(