Monday, May 17, 2010

McFatty monday..week 19

I was very happy when I stepped on the scale this morning because I have now lost over 50 pounds..since January!! I'm so close to my goal (my wedding weight). I'm going to set another goal once I reach this one because I still won't be at what's considered to be my "ideal weight."

We spent the weekend in Corpus Christi (the fattest city in America) and I was worried about food choices. We ended up eating Subway for dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. We had seafood for the other meals and I picked grilled or boiled options with healthy sides. Yesterday morning we walked almost 5 miles along the was humid!

We were in Corpus because Mario was running in the Beach to Bay Marathon's a 6 person relay where each person runs a little over 4 miles. I am setting a goal to participate in the relay next year!

Current weight: 193.4
Weight lost this week: 2.6 pounds
Total weight lost: 50.3 pounds


ashley said...

you go girl!! congrats on reaching such a big milestone! you're doing so wonderful!!

candy said...

Congrats on reaching 50 lbs.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

You are doing awesome!! So proud of you because I KNOW how hard it is. :) Subway is my bff too when I'm out and about. Oh and my 2nd bff Chick-fil-a!

Stephanie said...

Thanks ya'll!

A Chick-fil-a is being built by our house and should open any day. I can't wait!